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General Tso's and Veggies w Bamboo Steamer

General Tso's and Veggies w Bamboo Steamer by Tony Hall

IngredientsCooking DirectionsFire up the Big Green Egg to full flame and place Wok on Grid at fire ring level and add water. Place bamboo steamer on wok with vegetables, water will boil and vegetables will be steamed and done in 15 minutes.Remove wok and dump water, add 1/2 cup of oil. When oil is hot add the diced garlic and green…

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Gyro's - Free Range Beef Style

Gyro's - Free Range Beef Style by Tony Hall

Missouri Legacy Beef (free range) was the centerpiece for this new recipe tonight. Grilled up a pound on the Egg and the rest was like preparing for a salad...and this was so good you will never miss the Lamb guaranteed.IngredientsSauceDirectionsMix the first five ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate, this will be the sauce for the…

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Nacho Mama's Pizza & Pepperoni Too!

Nacho Mama's Pizza & Pepperoni Too! by Tony Hall

Baked two pizzas on the grill tonight, one Nacho Mama's and One Pepperoni and Cheese...Directions Brown beef with salt and garlic pepper, spread beans, meat, tomatoes, salsa, onion and cheese. Top with chilies and place on parchment paper on pizza stone at 500 degrees, Indirect for about 10-13 minutes. Remove, slice and serve with…

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Free Range Fajitas

Free Range Fajitas by Tony Hall

Free Range FajitasFree Range Fajitas made from Flank Steak (Missouri Legacy Beef - Salisbury, MO) and fixed in our Emile Henry Flame Top Wok was dinner tonight. The vegetables used were organic as well, our first trip to Traders Joes made that possible this weekend.Ingredients for Marinade (All to taste)EVOOChopped…

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Creole Chorizo Red Beans and Rice

Creole Chorizo Red Beans and Rice by Tony Hall

This takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and the combination of Mexican Sausage and Creole style bean flavors makes for a interesting and quick one dish dinner. Serves 4.DirectionsDrizzle EVOO in sauce pan/skillet and brown chorizo until doneDump in the beans and stir until heated throughSpoon over rice and serve.

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