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Molten Lava Cake

Molten Lava Cake by maan credo

Cut the cake, and whoop! choco lava rushing through, melting down to your plate; visually mouth-watering and tastefully amazing. Super easy steps with super practical ingredient in a super rich chocolate filling and... feeling!

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Choco banana muffins

Choco banana muffins by maan credo

If you're a chocolate, cupcake and banana lover, this muffin is sure a bet for you! Very easy and oh so tasty!

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3-tier chocolate cake with choco-butter cream icing

3-tier chocolate cake with choco-butter cream icing by maan credo

I'm a newbie to the whole baking cupcakes and cakes world mania but in a couple of learning and trials, I was able to pull off (i think?!) a 3-tier chocolate cake with choco-butter icing in between layers. The cake I made was from scratch I just followed the procedure on Hershey's "Perfectly Chocolate" Chocolate cake recipe and theā€¦

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Chicken lollies

Chicken lollies by maan credo

Chicken lollies are one of the most common finger foods that's easy to prepare and a sure knock out to any party. I usually do the battering and coating of the lollies a night before so that it'll sure stick hard on it. A nice dip over cheese sauce or gravy will make the whole eating pleasure of the chicken lollies worthwhile.

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Baked potato

Baked potato by maan credo

My signatured dish since College. Been cooking this for YEARS already like almost each and every occasion I'll have with my friends. It's a staple menu from me to them. I enjoy preparing this dish because its easy, practical and healthy to eat!

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