Duck Leg Confit

Duck Leg Confit by Chef Paul McGovern

This is a very simple dish to make it's just takes a long time to do it ! But what you end up with is well worth the time and it will keep for week's in the frig and the flavors just get better with time. You can get the duck fat a any food supply house or if you know a Chef ask them to save it for you. I will store the duck for 3…

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Herbed Duck Broth with Wild Rice

Herbed Duck Broth with Wild Rice by Amos Miller

Take most of one duck, some fresh herbs, the flavors from a few vegetables and simmer. Voila! It's that simple. Almost. This recipe employs one duck, but you will be able to serve each of 6 to 8 diners a lovely bowl of this 'soup course' delight. What we have here is not a consomme, not a soup, and not really, by classical…

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