Roast Duck Recipe - Mediterranean Style

Roast Duck Recipe - Mediterranean Style by Pam Lynn

Looking for the perfect Roast Duck Recipe? With crispy skin and soft tender meat? We have tried to get this recipe absolutely perfect and, after years of work, this is as close as we can get. The sticky concentrated orange sauce - with its garlicy and honeyed sweetness and the slight sharpness of the Lemon juice and the mellowness…

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The Most Decadent Cornbread Casserole Ever, Made Skinny

The Most Decadent Cornbread Casserole Ever, Made Skinny by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

I’ve tasted many cornbread casseroles in my day and this one wins hands down… It’s rich, moist, creamy and loaded with flavor. It’s amazing how some of the best recipes are often the simplest to make. The original full fat recipe has ingredients such as sour cream, butter and 2 entire cups of cheese. This skinny makeover is using…

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Duck with Lots of Veggies

Duck with Lots of Veggies by Brett Ede

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Herbed Duck Broth with Wild Rice

Herbed Duck Broth with Wild Rice by Amos Miller

Take most of one duck, some fresh herbs, the flavors from a few vegetables and simmer. Voila! It's that simple. Almost. This recipe employs one duck, but you will be able to serve each of 6 to 8 diners a lovely bowl of this 'soup course' delight. What we have here is not a consomme, not a soup, and not really, by classical…

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Duet of Duck

Duet of Duck by ChefBlogDigest

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Duck Clementina

Duck Clementina by Elaine

Succulent roast duck, with Asian veg, with clementines, cashews, and cranberry, make this a taste delight. The addition of Ruiby Port wine gives a little zing to the sauce. Prep 20 min Cook 3 hours Serves 4

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Asian Duck Slaw

Asian Duck Slaw by Brett Ede

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English Treason

English Treason by jeff holmes

Perfect as a brunch dish. For great flavour try and use the freshest best eggs you can find. Enjoy all the different flavours from the mushrooms with the sweetness of the brioche. The good thing about this is that you can add different sauces and spices to go with your taste and culture.

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Duck Au Vin

Duck Au Vin by Brett Ede

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Duck Leg Confit

Duck Leg Confit by Chef Paul McGovern

This is a very simple dish to make it's just takes a long time to do it ! But what you end up with is well worth the time and it will keep for week's in the frig and the flavors just get better with time. You can get the duck fat a any food supply house or if you know a Chef ask them to save it for you. I will store the duck for 3…

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