Tuna Veggie Wraps

Tuna Veggie Wraps by Kyle Dalakas

Tuna Veggie Wraps are a great choice for a lunch or a light dinner; high in protein, low in fat and featuring heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids! Try this simple recipe today!

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Chinese Dragon Sauerkraut

Chinese Dragon Sauerkraut by Weining Wang

one of the main branches of Chinese traditional philosophy, the Confucians, has had a great relationship with the Chinese dragon culture. The question involved whether the Chinese emperors had held their great power over the country from the Chinese dragon culture; this thought of Confucians is a complex issue that has included two…

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Cilantro Pesto & Cilantro Yogurt Sauce

Cilantro Pesto & Cilantro Yogurt Sauce by patricia wallace

I love sauces. They’re a quick and easy way to make simple grilled meats and vegetables extra special, and for me, a good sauce can take any wrap or sandwich to moreish levels.

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BBQ Chicken and Rice

BBQ Chicken and Rice by Nazzareno Casha

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Goan Fish Curry

Goan Fish Curry by Ann Sebastian

Goan fish curry. its a special one of Goa.

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Soft Tokwa (tofu) adobo

Soft Tokwa (tofu) adobo by Apple Carreon

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Curried Buttermilk

Curried Buttermilk by SHYARI

Curried Buttermilk/ Yogurt Curry is an integral part of daily South Indian recipe. It is a great blend of yogurt with ginger, cumin seeds, grated coconut and other spices. Well, Dn't be SCARED ! it is extremely easy (less than 15 minutes) and NOT too SPICY. Doesn't it sounds perfect? This wonderful curried buttermilk goes perfect…

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Chick Peas and Grean peas with Bombay Mix Powder

Chick Peas and Grean peas with Bombay Mix Powder by Kokila Karthikeyan

Chick peas and greans peas is one of the protein food items.Today i have prepared this briyani really good.All are preparing sundal and kulambu varities.Just u can try this chick peas and green peas briyani.

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A Delicious, Skinny, Fiber Rich Tuna Sandwich You’ll Just Love!

A Delicious, Skinny, Fiber Rich Tuna Sandwich You’ll Just Love! by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

Don’t you just love a good tuna sandwich? Such a popular sandwich most of us have enjoyed since we were kids. Many of us think that if we order a tuna sandwich in a restaurant, it’s the healthiest, low fat choice, right? The fact is, most…

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Chicken and Tzatziki Wrap

Chicken and Tzatziki Wrap by Veronica's Kitchen

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Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich by victoria jones

A classic Sandwich that you don't have to feel guilty about eating. Perfect for lunch or dinner. I had this for lunch so the ingredients are only for one sandwich. I also used a grill pan for the chicken. If you are just learning to cook, like I am, you will LOVE the grill pan!

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Spicy Paprika Shrimp Wraps

Spicy Paprika Shrimp Wraps by Helen Doberstein

A spicy seafood lunch to go.

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