Kalbi (Marinated Short Ribs)

Kalbi (Marinated Short Ribs) by jason kim

On my half day off, I decided to "relax" by making my favorite (and the kids too) Korean meat dish--kalbi (marinated short ribs), which are tender, savory, sweet, and full of delicious flavors. These are best to be cooked on a grill (especially great for special occasions with friends and family) but they also taste good pan-fried off…

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Skillet BBQ pork chops

Skillet BBQ pork chops by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

BBQ sauce gives these quick and easy pork chops wonderfully sweet and smoky flavor.

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Asian Skirt Steak w Asparagus & Orange Salad

Asian Skirt Steak w Asparagus & Orange Salad by jason kim

Tonight we wanted a little more greens to our meal since we've been on a carnivorous diet of late. Besides our meal tonight, we decided to make extra kimchi jigae (kimchi stew) in bulk, made with 3 lbs of pork ribs and intended to last us a few days. I can't even remember our last meal where we didn't have meat or poultry for our main…

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