Banana Split Cake

Banana Split Cake by Glenn

Tasty desert reminiscent of a banana split but much easier to serve.

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Spicy Salmon and Cucumber Appetizer

Spicy Salmon and Cucumber Appetizer by Rich Fletcher

I grew up having these little salmon and cucumber sandwichs... which were always nice. Finally decided to try a version more to my liking. Alaska Wild Salmon, with red onion, cucumber, chili pepper, and in place of mayo is my favourite caesar dressing. Simple, and easy. Good for crackers , toast, sandwichs or anything else you want…

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Tembleque (Coconut Custard)

Tembleque (Coconut Custard) by Kiki Thompson

Guest Post by Anthony Thompson This weeks post is different and special at the same time. I asked my other half to do a guest post. Anthony has been to many parts of the world including Puerto Rico. He lived there for nearly 2 years and has grown to love the food, people, and the culture. So, being that this weeks recipe comes from…

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Uva Helada con azucar

Uva Helada con azucar by Alan Gustavo Faz Ochoa

agarras una uva del congelador o la nevera como tu le quieras decir luego te vas a la mesa donde comes o a la barra y dejas la uva en la barra y luego vas a la alacena o al cajon como tu quieras y sacas la azucar y llevas la azucar a la barra o donde pusiste la uva y le pones la azucar arriba de la uva…

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