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Cleanse Day 7 Skin Brushing & Gardein Giveaway

Cleanse Day 7 Skin Brushing & Gardein Giveaway by Rachel Jacobs

I have missed a couple of days in recording my progress with this cleanse and I apologize.I don't usually blog every day (just Monday through Friday) so that is my excuse :)Things are progressing nicely.I still haven't had any issues with hunger or headaches and I don't find myself craving sweets (which were previously a downfall).I…

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Cleanse Day 5 Vegan Black Bean Soup

Cleanse Day 5 Vegan Black Bean Soup by Rachel Jacobs

PagesCleanse Day 5 Vegan Black Bean SoupTwo posts in one day I know I can barely contain myself.However I meant to post Cleanse Days 3 & 4 yesterday, but I was having too much fun to do so.Sooooooo I will post twice today and give you the skinny.Speaking of skinny (although that is really a frame of mind) I have dropped another lbs…

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Cream of Broccoli Soup

Cream of Broccoli Soup by Rachel Jacobs

On Wednesday I showed you a broccoli soup that I made and promised that I would post the recipe on Friday.Well guess what today is Friday...YEAH!The soup was quite simple, most of the cooking was actually completed by my husband (I have to give him credit where credit is due).In a pot put your Earth Balance, onions, and bay leaf.…

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The Cleanse Day 2

The Cleanse Day 2 by Rachel Jacobs

To keep myself accountable for my cleanse I am hoping to blog each day and journal how things are going.So just to recap I have started a cleanse and am following the 21 day program designed by Dr Alejandro Junger in his book Clean.Day 2 of the Elimination Diet went well.It is recommended to drink plenty of water, but as that can get…

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The Cleanse

The Cleanse by Rachel Jacobs

So I decided this year for Lent (and my general health) that I would complete a cleanse.Are you making a face? Because all of my family members have made a face when I announced this.It's ok. I promise it won't be weird and in the end I think I will have learned a lot.I have read along while Laura has gone through two cleanses and…

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Carrots and Ginger an Improv Challenge

Carrots and Ginger an Improv Challenge by Rachel Jacobs

PagesCarrots and Ginger an Improv ChallengeHappy Thursday one and all.Today is the reveal day for the monthly Improv Challenge hosted by Kristen of Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker.The two ingredients we were challenged with was carrots and ginger.As soon as I heard this I knew exactly what I wanted to make, and then I modified…

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Food Should Taste Good Giveaway

Food Should Taste Good Giveaway by Rachel Jacobs

When I saw this on my porch...I got excited:Check out the ways these are made good and a product everyone can enjoy:I was given a wonderful opportunity by the good people of Food Should Taste Good to try 5 bags of chips (of my choosing) AND provide a giveaway to you all (my wonderful readers).Can't get much better than this.Are you…

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11 Things to Know About Me

11 Things to Know About Me by Rachel Jacobs

Here are her answers here.I am supposed to:1. List 11 random things about myself.2. Answer the 11 questions she asked me.3 Come up with 11 questions to ask other bloggers.4. Tag 11 bloggers to do this next.So here are 11 random things about myself1. I have one tattoo (a green four leaf clover on my honor my Irish roots)2. I…

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Vegan Brownie Pie

Vegan Brownie Pie by Rachel Jacobs

PagesVegan Brownie PieThis past weekend my kids and I wanted to celebrate my husband's birthday (a little early).I think it is because they wanted some cake love him so.I asked him what kind of treat he would like...which I knew would be like pulling teeth.See Kyle isn't one for sweets and really he only had one request...he wanted…

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Passing Daisies Mango Coconut Pancakes

Passing Daisies Mango Coconut Pancakes by Rachel Jacobs

Happy Monday my wonderful readers.I am so excited to share a guest post with you all from Rachael (I'll let her have formal introductions below).I just want to say though that I thoroughly enjoy reading Rachael's blog as she has some wonderful recipes, honest reviews of products, and a fantastic sense of humor. She is a vegetarian…

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