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Caramel Birthday Cake for Mom

Caramel Birthday Cake for Mom by Rachel Jacobs

PagesCaramel Birthday Cake for MomThis past Sunday was my mom's birthday (to protect the innocent I won't reveal her age)She asked for a pound cake with caramel frosting.There was a standard to live up to, as the best pound cake with caramel frosting comes from a woman by the name of Frances who ran my youth group when I was younger.I…

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Food Movie Reviews

Food Movie Reviews by Rachel Jacobs

I am typically a little late to the party when it comes to watching movies and reading books.So while my opinions on the below movies is a little late I did want to share because it might prompt someone to watch one of these.Last week I watched Food Matters:Source: via Luis on PinterestIt provides a look into naturally…

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Nana's Pumpkin Spice Cake (vegan style)

Nana's Pumpkin Spice Cake (vegan style) by Rachel Jacobs

This weekend was unseasonably warm here in North Carolina.Just when I thought the cold weather was here to stay we had a bright and sunny Sunday which involved lots of playing outside.Before we played we had to make a stop at Costco after church.Somehow I don't know how...this ended up in our cart:Yes I now have the mother of all…

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Improv Challenge Vegan Lemon Cake with Sour Cream Icing

Improv Challenge Vegan Lemon Cake with Sour Cream Icing by Rachel Jacobs

PagesImprov Challenge Vegan Lemon Cake with Sour Cream IcingThis is Improv Challenge number 2 for me. Thanks so much to Kristen for hosting us all here.The ingredients this month were lemon and sour cream.I could not have been happier with these two because as soon as I heard them I knew I wanted to make cake.Not just any ordinary…

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Cream of Broccoli Soup

Cream of Broccoli Soup by Rachel Jacobs

On Wednesday I showed you a broccoli soup that I made and promised that I would post the recipe on Friday.Well guess what today is Friday...YEAH!The soup was quite simple, most of the cooking was actually completed by my husband (I have to give him credit where credit is due).In a pot put your Earth Balance, onions, and bay leaf.…

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Muffin Fail Turned into Muffin Bites

Muffin Fail Turned into Muffin Bites by Rachel Jacobs

PagesMuffin Fail Turned into Muffin BitesLast night I had the grand idea I would take a vegan blueberry muffin recipe and make it donuts...just by baking it in a donut pan.FAIL!My kids ate the donuts anyway with a little maple syrup on top (as if they were pancakes) and declared they were delicious.That certainly helped with the…

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Chobani = Love

Chobani = Love by Rachel Jacobs

PagesChobani = LoveThis past weekend I hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends.I wanted to make sure that the food I served was homemade and healthier than conventional versions.One thing I always enjoy at a party is a dip for fresh veggies and fruit.To satisfy that I made two dips for my party featuring Chobani Greek…

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Triple Threat Brownies

Triple Threat Brownies by Rachel Jacobs

For Father's Day this weekend my husband had one request "to sleep in."Well he got his wish, but I really couldn't just leave it at that.The least I could do was bake him a delicious dessert to go with dinner.The tough part was deciding what type of dessert to make.I always go for cake right off the bat, but he doesn't like that so…

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Need Extra Fiber?

Need Extra Fiber? by Rachel Jacobs

I know that seems a personal question.But actually I just wanted to know if you would like to have more Fiber One.I have been given an opportunity from My Blog Spark to giveaway to one of you, my lovely readers a prize pack from Fiber One cereal to include:Fiber One contains 11 grams of fiber and 23 grams of whole grain...I know we…

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Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

Pumpkin Chiffon Pie by Rachel Jacobs

PagesPumpkin Chiffon PieI promised to share with you a recipe that would remind you of fall and so today I am sharing with you my Nana's Pumpkin Chiffon Pie.Why make pumpkin pie in the summer when it is traditionally a fall delicacy?Because my 9 year old who never specifically asks for a dessert asked if I could make him a pie.On hand…

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