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Food Movie Reviews

Food Movie Reviews by Rachel Jacobs

I am typically a little late to the party when it comes to watching movies and reading books.So while my opinions on the below movies is a little late I did want to share because it might prompt someone to watch one of these.Last week I watched Food Matters:Source: via Luis on PinterestIt provides a look into naturally…

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Annie's Homegrown Pizza Giveaway

Annie's Homegrown Pizza Giveaway by Rachel Jacobs

As a part of Moms Meet, a program sponsored by Kiwi Magazine, I get to try products from time to time and then tell you lovely people (my wonderful and fantastic readers) all about them.Most recently I was given a chance to try Annie's Homegrown Organic Rising Crust pizza.The same Annie's that brings you the delicious cheddar bunnies…

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Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake

Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake by Rachel Jacobs

PagesBlueberry Lemon CheesecakeLast night I looked at my ingredients and was inspired to make a dessert.I had fresh blueberries from the farmer's market and vegan cream cheese (compliments of Follow Your Heart).I decided vegan blueberry cheesecake was in order and I thought "Hey let's throw in some lemon."I felt I needed some…

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I'm Not Nuts but I have some Winners!

I'm Not Nuts but I have some Winners! by Rachel Jacobs

Do you see what I see?It appears that a little elf has left me a treat in my tree...well not exactly.I was contacted by the wonderful and generous people at Enjoy Life.They asked if I would like to try their snack mix "Not Nuts."I thought to myself I would have to be nuts not to try it (as I have loved everything from cookies to mega…

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Pealightful 100th Post and GIVEAWAY

Pealightful 100th Post and GIVEAWAY by Rachel Jacobs

PagesPealightful 100th Post and GIVEAWAYI have mentioned before that I fell heir to my grandmother's recipes and cookbooks upon her passing.It has taken a while to go through all of them and see what treasures I have.One that I perused this weekend was called Look Who's Cooking !Produced in 1954 by the Junior Women's Club of Norfolk,…

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Nana's Sour Cream Pound Cake with Cinnamon Crunch

Nana's Sour Cream Pound Cake with Cinnamon Crunch by Rachel Jacobs

PagesNana's Sour Cream Pound Cake with Cinnamon CrunchToday I am featuring another recipe by my Nana, hopefully you won't get tired of her recipes.I fell heir to her recipes boxes and books and have just had a wonderful time going through them and pickig out the ones I wanted to try.For some reason, I don't know why, but the desserts…

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Food Should Taste Good Giveaway

Food Should Taste Good Giveaway by Rachel Jacobs

When I saw this on my porch...I got excited:Check out the ways these are made good and a product everyone can enjoy:I was given a wonderful opportunity by the good people of Food Should Taste Good to try 5 bags of chips (of my choosing) AND provide a giveaway to you all (my wonderful readers).Can't get much better than this.Are you…

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A Winner and 2 New Giveaways

A Winner and 2 New Giveaways by Rachel Jacobs

I want to announce the winner of my Rudi's art kit giveaway. It is Helen!!!! Congratulations I will be sending you an e-mail today to get your shipping information.I have two more giveaways today that I want to share with you all.I know I could spread them out but really they can go hand in hand.Everyone I know is constantly talking…

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Caramel Birthday Cake for Mom

Caramel Birthday Cake for Mom by Rachel Jacobs

PagesCaramel Birthday Cake for MomThis past Sunday was my mom's birthday (to protect the innocent I won't reveal her age)She asked for a pound cake with caramel frosting.There was a standard to live up to, as the best pound cake with caramel frosting comes from a woman by the name of Frances who ran my youth group when I was younger.I…

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Fiber One Giveaway

Fiber One Giveaway by Rachel Jacobs

I've ended my Yoplait giveaway and selected the winner...Valerie.So I assume it is time to start another giveaway, yep it will be on one of those weeks.See my oldest is turning 10 this week so in his honor I will be gifting you all with items all week long.Today I have a giveaway curtesy of My Blog Spark.lunch boxsandwich…

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