Hot n' Sizzling Baby Eggplants!

Hot n' Sizzling Baby Eggplants! by kathy gori

As you may have gathered earlier, I love eggplants. There are so many varieties, shapes, sizes and colors when encountering them I can never resist. Yesterday, at the Farmers Market here in Sonoma one of our booths had the most beautiful long slender Japanese eggplants. In my early days of Indian cooking, since I was a vegetarian I…

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Prawn Karahi

Prawn Karahi by Sonali Pradhan

Celebrated Mother's Day with this delectable and extremely flavorful Prawn Karahi cuisine . Karahi/kadhai/korai/kadai is basically a type of circular, deep cooking pots which resembles "wok" with rounded bottoms and is made of cast iron, used to shallow fry fish, meat, sweet or snacks, can even prepare stew/gravies. Now a days they…

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Steamed Spicy Corn Salad

Steamed Spicy Corn Salad by Anchal Jyoti

Steamed Spicy Corn Salad is one of the easiest salad recipes. It has the natural sweetness of corn coupled with tanginess of raw mango and lot of spices to go along.

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Healthy Fish roll in mint chutney

Healthy Fish roll in mint chutney by Supriya Srivastava

Packed with health benefits of spinach, tomatoes and fish. This recipe is going to please your tongue, tummy and diet chart all at once.

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