Shrimp by John Spottiswood.

There are many different species of shrimp, but generally speaking, the larger the shrimp, the tastier. In the US and Britain, large shrimp are called prawns; in India, all shrimp are prawns. Bay shrimp are very small. You can buy shrimp raw (sometimes called green), or cooked. Don't buy cooked shrimp if you plan to serve it warm--they turns rubbery when reheated. Unopened canned shrimp can be stored for up to a year in a dry, cool place. Once opened, it will keep for up to two days if you wrap it well and refrigerate it.

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Also known as

  • Prawn
  • Bay shrimp


One pound shrimp in shell will roughly yield 1/2 pound or one cup cooked shrimp.


Dublin Bay prawns OR crayfish OR lobster OR scallops (more delicate texture) OR crab OR imitation seafood (less expensive) OR chicken

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