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Plantain Crusted Pizza crust ( GF)

Plantain Crusted Pizza crust ( GF) by judee

This recipe makes a fast and easy homemade pizza crust that you can make from start to finish in 25 minutes. The secret is a little known savory fruit called a plantain. Plantains are in the banana family, but when they are green are much starchier and not at all sweet. They are rich in vitamins A and C and low in calories ( 90…

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Chinese Cabbage Soup

Chinese Cabbage Soup by judee

Think that you are too busy or too tired to make healthy homemade soup for your family? This Chinese Cabbage Soup can be made in a Jiffy.I love making and eating quick homemade soup. That way I know the soup won't be overly salty, full of chemicals, or high in fat like the commercial soup in Chinese restaurants. Homemade soup will be…

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Fruity Laban Drink (Flavored Yogurt)

Fruity Laban Drink (Flavored Yogurt) by MARIA LOURDES V. LIPARDO-AYUB

This is delicious & nutritious drink for anyone. So refreshing...

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My Best Memorial Day Salad Suggestions

My Best Memorial Day Salad Suggestions by judee

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Healthy Pumpkin Cake Pops ( grain free)

Healthy Pumpkin Cake Pops ( grain free) by judee

Looking for healthier dessert alternatives? Tis the season for pumpkin, and these adorable healthy pumpkin cake pops are easy to make, nutritious, and look like little pumpkin donut holes. Made from healthy real food ingredients, they bake up in just 20 minutes in the oven or in 5-8 minutes in the cake pop machine.I found pumpkin…

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