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Meals For The Next 2 Weeks

Meals For The Next 2 Weeks by Tanya

M.O.M. ~ Mom On a Mission – One mom’s mission to feed healthy foods toa family of four for under $400 a month. Can it be done? Let’s find out!Payday time again. That means it’s time to plan out dinnersand write up the grocery list again.When making up the menus, I was trying to keep in mind whatI already had in my pantry and freezer…

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Having Fun with Gak!

Having Fun with Gak! by Tanya

You ever go on a pinning spree? Yea, I did too. Yesterday Isomehow ended up doing searches for ‘science experiments’ and looking at otherpeople’s boards about kids’ science stuff and projects and experiments. Wow.There are endless boards and even more pins. It’s kind of crazy the amount oftime I spent looking at this stuff and, yes, I…

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Taco Casserole -- More Freezer Cooking

Taco Casserole -- More Freezer Cooking by Tanya

So on the menu for last night was the frozen Pasta Bake.Well I, being who I am, forgot that it needed to be pulled out of the freezerthe night before or morning of. I didn’t remember this until about 3 o’clock. J So I decided to usethis time in the kitchen to put together the Twice Baked Potatoes for thefreezer and also put together…

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Freezer Cooking -- Pasta Bake!

Freezer Cooking -- Pasta Bake! by Tanya

Last week I had planned on making a double batch of bakedpasta to have one for dinner that night and freezing the other for anothernight. But the scheduled day came and that day my oldest was home sick fromschool and no one was in the mood for pasta. We were feeling like havingpancakes…so we had leftover pancakes for dinner. But I…

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Homemade Fish Sticks for dinner!

Homemade Fish Sticks for dinner! by Tanya

On the menu for Tuesday was Homemade Fish Sticks. Now, I’mreally not a fish-sticks-kind of person. My husband is actually thefish-stick-lover of the house. But seeing as how I really can’t remember thelast time we had fish sticks (and I’m pretty sure they weren’t homemade…) and Ihad come across this homemade recipe before planning out…

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Freezer Cooking on a Budget with a Small Freezer...

Freezer Cooking on a Budget with a Small Freezer... by Tanya

*Warning – This is along post but seriously chocked full of good recipes and such. It’s totallyworth reading all the way through!...despite the lack of pictures. J *Have you been on Pinterest lately? There have been a goodnumber of posts about freezer cooking and budget meal planning. (I’m guessing it has to do with the start ofthe…

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Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

Christmas Gingerbread Cookies by Tanya

Another cookie we made for Christmas were Gingerbread cookies! I know I've done gingerbread cookies before, but when I looked at my recipe I saw that it included shortening. *blech* I don't know why, but I've been in a mood where I try really hard to avoid using shortening. So anyway, I wanted to do something a little different from…

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12 Days of Christmas..Cookies! Day 1 -- A Classic!

12 Days of Christmas..Cookies! Day 1 -- A Classic! by Tanya

I am so happy (and very thankful) to be able to say thatthis is my third year to get to do 25 Days of Christmas …. In Cookies! The lasttwo years I’ve baked one kind of cookie each day as part of my 25 daycelebration. It usually gets pretty hectic as the days go on and I usually geta little behind at one point or another. JBut it is…

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Brace Yourselves...Pumpkin Flavored Everything is Coming!

Brace Yourselves...Pumpkin Flavored Everything is Coming! by Tanya

photo from memegenerator.netI know, I’m late to the pumpkin party.I’m chronically late for everything. I joke about how I’llend up being late to my own funeral. hahaDespite not having blogged about anything pumpkin at all, itsure has been present in my kitchen since I first saw the pie pumpkins in thegrocery back in September. We’ve…

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Hearty Baked Potato Soup on a cooold night!

Hearty Baked Potato Soup on a cooold night! by Tanya

I took the dog out last night and it was cold. Likeclose-your-eyes-and-you-can-smell-snow kind of cold. Well, almost smell it. Thesky was a cover of grey clouds…clouds that you could almost call snow clouds.This chilliness made me very glad that I made such a hearty soup for dinner. J And the hubby loved it and asked me to writedown…

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