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Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake

Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake by Michelle K.

Rhubarb Upside-down CakeHighlighting the tang of rhubarb paired with the fluffy sweetness of cake, this upside-down presentation is so pretty. Don't forget to get your eggs and butter out in advance to get them up to room temperature.

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Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread: Mother's Day

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread: Mother's Day by Michelle K.

Pin It Now!2 jobs in one - cinnamon pull apart bread and sandwich breadThis recipe is inspired by the upcoming celebration for all the Moms out there. I wanted to make something special for Mother's Day morning that would be fun and tasty and extra special for everyone to enjoy along with being something I could make the day before.…

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Razor Clams! Part 3: Let's Eat!

Razor Clams! Part 3: Let's Eat! by Michelle K.

Pin It Now!Razor clam sizzling in butterThe best way to eat your freshly cleaned clams is also the fastest and easiest. Get your skillet heating up over a medium flame - you want it to be hot, but not smoking. Season your butterflied clam with a bit of kosher salt and pepper then dredge it in some cornstarch. Shake off any excess.…

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