Vegetarian TVP Spaghetti Sauce

Vegetarian TVP Spaghetti Sauce by Micheline

This vegetarian spaghetti sauce is made with Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), a highly nutritious soy product, an alternative to meat. The texture and taste resembles ground beef. You will be pleasantly surprised by the look and taste of this meatless spaghetti sauce. TVP is available in Health Food Stores and is made by Bob's Red…

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Black-Eyed Peas with Coconut Milk

Black-Eyed Peas with Coconut Milk by Mihir Shah

I adapted this from a recipe I found in the San Francisco Chronicle. My parents have told me that eating Black-Eyed Peas for the New Year was good luck. I made these for my New Year's Eve party and they were a big hit. Went really well with the Steamed Salmon I prepared.

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Veggie Dumplin Chowder

Veggie Dumplin Chowder by Suzi

I put this recipe on my web site for my daughter, Marie to make for her family, which was easier than telling her how to do it over the phone. The photo is hers and it looks like she added peas. I hate peas so I don't put them in. Traditionally this is as good ole Southern dish better known as Chicken and Dumplings, but being a…

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madhur jaffrey's chana dal

madhur jaffrey's chana dal by Patricia

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Butternut Squash & White Bean Soup

Butternut Squash & White Bean Soup by Rose Elliott

This is a satisfying, tasty, nearly-vegetarian soup with plenty of flavor.

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16 Bean Soup

16 Bean Soup by Dhana

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Summer Vegetable soup

Summer Vegetable soup by Julia Ann Souders

Eating 5 vegetables a day is easy with this vegetarian summer soup. Some would call it summer minestrone. This can be made a day ahead, refrigerated overnight and reheated in crock pot. It freezes well. cookbookinabox® in partnership with Netta Belle’s Choice® Spices, bring you great recipes, outstanding herbs and spices for your…

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