Vegan Japanese Cuisine: New Lotus Roots & Umeboshi

Vegan Japanese Cuisine: New Lotus Roots & Umeboshi by Robert-Gilles Martineau

Lotus roots, when new and fresh, should be prized for their great natural taste. They can even be eaten almost raw after a little marinating. The Japanese have a simple and delicate way to prepare them with umeboshi/Japanese pickled plums, which should please vegans and vegetarians (and omnivores). It certainly makes for a great snack…

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Kangkung Tumis

Kangkung Tumis by Veronica Lucia

A super easy stir fry kangkung recipe.

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Peanut Butter Banana Tortilla Snack

Peanut Butter Banana Tortilla Snack by Spicie Foodie

Peanut Butter Banana Tortilla Snack or roll-ups, wow that's a name. Well I don't actually know what to call these yummy snacks, so that will have to do. My husband is the one who actually introduced me to and told me about the existence of these. He told me that in the American Southwest they are called peanut butter roll ups and are…

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Grammy's Oil Pastry (from Betty Crocker)

Grammy's Oil Pastry (from Betty Crocker) by Victoria Prehn

My recipe seems to be a bit modified from others I see on-line. The quantities I use are for a double crust, but for me, it's always been the perfect amount to make just one crust, plus a little extra. Grammy always used the extra to make cinnamon crust rolls for us kids upon arrival (dough with butter, cinnamon and sugar)

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Non-Alcoholic Sangria Punch

Non-Alcoholic Sangria Punch by The Blender Girl

For a zesty Summer drink, you just can’t go past this non alcoholic Sangria, which never fails to refresh and satisfy. There are a ton of wonderful non alcoholic Sangria recipes out there that use a variety of fruits. A lot of recipes use pears and apples. But I really like the tartness of citrus fruits – any excuse to use lemon and…

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Raw Vegan Cranberry Brownie

Raw Vegan Cranberry Brownie by Gourmandelle LifestyleBlog

I love desserts and because I often eat sweets, I prefer them raw. We all know that all sweets are high in calories, but making mostly raw desserts makes me feel good and guilt-free; this way I know I get plenty of vitamins, minerals and other great nutrients and so I ignore the calories. Another thing I love about raw desserts is…

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Patty Pan Salad

Patty Pan Salad by Lisa Faley

One of the wonderful things for me about eating raw food is that if you are used to eating these foods cooked….the texture is such a nice surprise! Even better – the nutrients and goodness are all left intact. Awesome! Try this out, you are sure to love it! My kids (6 and 8 years old) gobbled it up!

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Almost Apple Pie

Almost Apple Pie by Jennifer

A quick & easy way to satisfy a sweet craving. Using carrot juice makes a thick, sweet caramelized sauce with no added sweeteners.

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Sesame milk shake

Sesame milk shake by kiyoaki kato

Flavor of your choice/plain,sweet with banana,miso\ginger.make it's your own.this is a good chance start drinking sesame milk.dont'you?

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Carrot salad

Carrot salad by mildlyindian

The recipe is utmost simple, a grater, a few fresh carrots, some spices, a lemon and pretty much you are in zone. In under 10 minutes a sumptuous side is ready.

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Japanese Vegan Snack: Ume-Shiso Kyuuri/Cucumber, Pickled Plums & Perilla Salad

Japanese Vegan Snack: Ume-Shiso Kyuuri/Cucumber, Pickled Plums & Perilla Salad by Robert-Gilles Martineau

Here is one simple recipe I consider as a Japanese “National” snack that will have all vegans and vegetarians rushing for: Ume-Shiso Kyuuri/Cucumber, Pickled Plums & Perilla Salad! Ingredients might not be easy to find, although they are probably…

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Vegan/Vegetarian Japanese Dressing: Gomadare/Sesame Dressing

Vegan/Vegetarian Japanese Dressing: Gomadare/Sesame Dressing by Robert-Gilles Martineau

Following a few queries about gomadare/seasme dressing I (and the Missus) use a lot, I felt a little information and a simple recipe would come in useful. Gomadare is a great tasty dressing that can be used indifferently with cold dishes as a normal…

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Raw Vegan Broccoli Salad

Raw Vegan Broccoli Salad by The Blender Girl

I share this recipe as a delicious way to serve up raw broccoli. I have used sunflower seeds and raw almonds. But you could use any nuts you like. For the dressing I have listed the quantities that I like. But you might like it with a bit more of a kick, and want to add in a bit more vinegar, lemon juice and sweetener. But this blend…

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Crumbled Tempeh

Crumbled Tempeh by John Spottiswood

Ok, for anyone familiar with tempeh this is a super basic recipe. But if you haven't cooked it before, and want a simple, delicious, and flexible way to prepare it, then this is a great place to start. Mark Bittman as this as one of his basic recipes in his How to Cook Everything Vegetarian cookbook. Serve it on a salad, over…

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Nasi Tahu Margarin

Nasi Tahu Margarin by Veronica Lucia

In bahasa Indonesia, nasi means rice, tahu means tofu, while margarin is margarine. I'm using traditional yellow tofu, which has turmeric aroma and a little salty flavour. This is super easy vegan fried rice recipe.

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