Sugar Free Cocktail - Frozen Strawberry Daquiri

Sugar Free Cocktail - Frozen Strawberry Daquiri by Teodora Pogonat

If you're looking for a recipe for entertaining, and need to watch calories, sugar or carb intake, this is a great recipe to make for your guests!

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Jollof Rice (a Nigerian party pillaf)

Jollof Rice (a Nigerian party pillaf) by Kike Nkana

This is basically rice in red capsicum (or bell pepper) and tomato sauce. Lots of onions, thyme and curry. Cooked right, it's simply delicious!

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Tropical Lemonade

Tropical Lemonade by Teodora Pogonat

Cool drink for a warm day! Great for entertaining and easy on the sugar intake thanks to the sugar free cocktail mixer!

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Water by Glenn

Studies show that 75% of the U. S. population is chronically dehydrated which exacerbates most diseases and helps to keep us unhealthy. The average adult needs about eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day and overweight people need even more. Here's a recipe to help you get your two quarts or more per day. Ice can be added to…

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Murgh Kasuri Methi (Chicken with Dry Fenugreek Leaves)

Murgh Kasuri Methi (Chicken with Dry Fenugreek Leaves) by Purabi Naha

Murgh kasuri methi: slow-cooked North-Indian chicken curry with dried fenugreek leaves and cashews! Perfect party recipe, perfected over years!!

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Skinny Goddess Cocktail

Skinny Goddess Cocktail by Teodora Pogonat

Refreshing summer cocktail that is low in calories - the perfect skinny drink! Thanks to Go Cocktails sugar free cocktail mixers, this recipe is only 90calories!

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Sop Iga Sapi

Sop Iga Sapi by katalog-kuliner

Bumbu I: 3 cm jahe, dikeprek 3 cm kayu manis 2 buah pekak 4 butir kapulaga 2 butir kaldu blok 1/4 buah pala, dikeprek garam secukupnya Bumbu II: 8 buah bawang putih 5 buah bawang merah

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Champagne honeymelon chilled soup

Champagne honeymelon chilled soup by mildlyindian

I love dessert soups which involve minimal effort. These are simple healthy versions which can satisfy the craving for sweetness without adding much on the sugar load. I also love the desserts that can be graded based on adult version and child version.

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