Ed's Chicago Cocoa Chili ( aka Chocolate Chili )

Ed's Chicago Cocoa Chili ( aka Chocolate Chili ) by Edward Heller

I like cooking and I love chili and chocolate, so if there was any way I could combine the three, I was gonna do it. So here is my quite excellent balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy, which I hope you will enjoy as well. (This recipe has been on recipezaar-dot-com since 2002, where 50 people have posted reviews of my chili…

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Bacon Mushroom Quiche

Bacon Mushroom Quiche by Cena Zeo

This is a crustless recipe. Good for low carb diets.

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Straccetti di manzo con la rughetta

Straccetti di manzo con la rughetta by Frank Fariello

One of the iconic dishes of Roman cookery, stracetti con la rughetta, or 'little beef rags' with arugula, is almost one of the simplest of all to prepare.

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Fish Maw Soup

Fish Maw Soup by [email protected] Køkken69

I don't think I will ever become a vegetarian but fish maw soup, is a more responsible alternative to shark's fin soup. I have cut down my intake of shark's fins and have made it a point to replace the shark's fin soup with other alternatives when I plan for business dinners at restuarants. Fish maw, for those who are not familiar,…

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Chicken and White Beans in Coconut Milk

Chicken and White Beans in Coconut Milk by MANJULA

This is another chicken dish which is very popular in my house. This combination is just unbelievable. One can substitute the chicken for any kind of fish or Shrimps. You can eat it with rice, roti or even with dinner rolls. Gravy consistency can also be alter from soup like to stew like. One simple dish have so many variations to…

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Curry Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

Curry Chicken and Broccoli Casserole by Fire Wife Katie

Some other fire wives and I were discussing how we have to put up with the presence of women out there who would gladly take our men off our hands. This recipe is probably one of the top ten reasons why my firefighter would never leave me. It's not gourmet, but this is the meal my firefighter would eat if he could only have one dish…

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Fried Cabbage....

Fried Cabbage.... by Pyrohy Pusher

A healthy alternative vegetable side dish, or great just as a snack or meal by itself. It's a good cold day "comfort food" that fills the house with a terrific aroma. It's also a good recipe for the slow cooker. My version of this recipe is not fried, but it's also an extremely low fat dish.

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Nu-WaveRoasted Chicken Breast

Nu-WaveRoasted Chicken Breast by Jen

Easy home cooking recipe Healthy mid week meal

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Bloody Mary Shrimp and Pickled Mirliton Ceviche

Bloody Mary Shrimp and Pickled Mirliton Ceviche by Chuck Subra

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Uva Helada con azucar

Uva Helada con azucar by Alan Gustavo Faz Ochoa

agarras una uva del congelador o la nevera como tu le quieras decir luego te vas a la mesa donde comes o a la barra y dejas la uva en la barra y luego vas a la alacena o al cajon como tu quieras y sacas la azucar y llevas la azucar a la barra o donde pusiste la uva y le pones la azucar arriba de la uva…

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Sliced Seared Steak (Tagliata di Manzo)

Sliced Seared Steak (Tagliata di Manzo) by daniellec1

Buy a little good quality steak and prepare it very quickly in a cast iron skillet with rosemary sprigs and garlic cloves. Amazing - you can make it for guests - and requires almost no preparation. Lightly smash the garlic cloves and the peels will come off easily. Add a salad or vegetable or potato dish on the side.

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Easy Grilled Salmon a la Costco

Easy Grilled Salmon a la Costco by Lowell

Carb-free, healthy, flavorful, and easy, salmon is the way to go!

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