Tender Juicy Beef and Broccoli

Tender Juicy Beef and Broccoli by Strohxda97

Find the sweet and meaty taste in this appetizing dish especially served with rice or mushed potatoes. Enjoy the savory beef made tender and juicy together with the crispiness of healthy broccoli. This dish is rich in protein and calcium which is ideal for people who want to build muscles and grow taller. Each 85g of broccoli can have…

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Uva Helada con azucar

Uva Helada con azucar by Alan Gustavo Faz Ochoa

agarras una uva del congelador o la nevera como tu le quieras decir luego te vas a la mesa donde comes o a la barra y dejas la uva en la barra y luego vas a la alacena o al cajon como tu quieras y sacas la azucar y llevas la azucar a la barra o donde pusiste la uva y le pones la azucar arriba de la uva…

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