Super Good for You Cabbage Soup

Super Good for You Cabbage Soup by Teri A

This is a soup I make to jump start my healthy eating regimen. I find it especially good after I have over indulged and just want to get refocused!

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Deep Fried Spicy Asian Brussels Sprouts

Deep Fried Spicy Asian Brussels Sprouts by Sherri Williams

Here is my Asian twist to my favorite celebrity chef Michael Symon's Fried Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts and Capers. I'm going on the record to say that these are the best brussels sprouts I've ever eaten! I can't explain how delicious they are. You just have to make them.

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Choco-Oatmeal Cookies

Choco-Oatmeal Cookies by Elaine Chaves

This recipe is an all time favorite of my family and friends. The cookies are not too sweet. Crunch on the outside but very chewy inside. My son loves having them for breakfast and snack. High in fiber and protein.

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Yakimeshi(fried Rice)

Yakimeshi(fried Rice) by kiyoaki kato

Japanese loves this simple chinese dish.

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Apple - Sprout Salad

Apple - Sprout Salad by Hina Gujral

Sprouts are the best way to consume legumes in a healthy manner, a fistful of sprouts in salads increases nutritional values of salad, with each bite tons of Vitamins and Proteins entering our body. The whole process of Sprouting turns legumes and grains into living plants with more vitamins, such as Vitamin C, B and carotene. It also…

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3 Bean Chicken Chili Con Queso

3 Bean Chicken Chili Con Queso by Larissa166

Perfect for game day over chips or with tortillas

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Anadama Bread

Anadama Bread by Nupur UKrasoi

A nutty bread perfect for breakfast, great when toasted. Filled with goodness of cornmeal and dates.

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Methi Matar Malai

Methi Matar Malai by bhawnabagri

Methi matar is very famous dish from North India. It is very rich, creamy and flavorful dish. I get fresh methi bunch from farmers market, I tasted so good with chapati and Rice. Even my son also loved it. So try this creamy,rich and easy to make recipe.

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Chocolate Kiwi Smoothie

Chocolate Kiwi Smoothie by Nupur UKrasoi

A dreamy blend of coconut, kiwi, banana and white chocolate. Very smooth, a perfect Summer drink.

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Lamb with Chickpeas and Cilantro

Lamb with Chickpeas and Cilantro by ECK

A very fragrant dish made with lamb or chicken. it is inspired from a small restaurant that served traditional Han Chinese food. Sadly it closed, but this is a pretty close approximation. Enjoy.

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Gino's Noodle Dough

Gino's Noodle Dough by J. Gino Genovesi

Noodles, in many forms, have been a staple food in many parts of the world for centuries. China, Japan, Italy all take credit for creating the noodles. However, the earliest records appear in a book written between AD25 to 220 in China. No matter the origin, noodles have been a staple food, relatively cheap, quick to prepare and…

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Everything Goes Oatmeal Cookies

Everything Goes Oatmeal Cookies by J. Gino Genovesi

It is believed that oatmeal cakes originated in Scotland many centuries ago and were a staple food for many years. Oatmeal cookies are a variant of them. Records show that the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie was found in the Boston Cooking School Cook Book , written by Fannie Farmer in 1896. There are many variations of this high fiber…

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Black Bean Salsa

Black Bean Salsa by J. Gino Genovesi

This is quick and easy dish which is a must in summer time or picnic time.

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Artichokes with Sour Cream Curry Soy Dip

Artichokes with Sour Cream Curry Soy Dip by Bob Vincent

This recipe is adapted from The Spice Islands Cook Book published in 1961. My Mom had the book and relied on many of the recipes frequently. Though the pages are falling apart I often browse through the book as it brings back fond memories of my Mom. The dip is good with artichokes but can be used crudities, cooked shrimp or…

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Healthty Toddler Muffins

Healthty Toddler Muffins by Randa Derkson

Mini muffins for toddlers loaded with veggies & fruits. Contains little sugar. Recipe source:

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