Cherry Winks ~ Classic Cookies

Cherry Winks ~ Classic Cookies by Amos Miller

This is the original recipe for a cookie that won the 2nd Pillsbury Bake Off. They contain dates, pecans, maraschino cherries, cornflakes and a kiss of vanilla extract. I have followed the original recipe but you G-F members will see my modifications for you in the Ingredints below. I've adapted the recipe for gluten intolerant…

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Lemon/Lime Curd

Lemon/Lime Curd by Melanie Unruh

A citrus curd that can be made with limes, lemons, or oranges (or a combination). Of course it's a standard on scones, but is also used for cake and pie fillings. Straining the eggs is critical to avoid unwanted lumps of clinging egg whites in the curd.

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