Eggless Choco Nutty Cookies*Tried & Tested*

Eggless Choco Nutty Cookies*Tried & Tested* by shruthisingh4

The Best Thing about them: I fall in love with these cookies each time i bake them, actually one can never stop raving enough even as the aroma waffles through the entire house as these cookies still bake in the oven, a heavenly combination of Chocolate and Nuts...Hmmnnn....!! The Worst Thing about them: I cant stop myself from…

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easy avocado dip

easy avocado dip by Laurette Champagne-koerber

If you're not making it right when you get home then get avacados that are not quite ripe yet. If you are doing the recipe when you get home get ripe quality avocado. If not ripe, store in a brown paper bag where you can see them at room temp. Check in a couple days they will be ripe. There are many different variations you can do…

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Eggless Choco Crumbly Cookies*Tried & Tested*

Eggless Choco Crumbly Cookies*Tried & Tested* by shruthisingh4

A few days back i happened to post my *Tried & Tested* version of 20 min Choco Almond - Cashew Secret Center Crumbly Cookies and a very old school friend popped me a question on how about an egg-less version and and i decided to give that a try well with slight variations of my own..;).This is an exceptionally easy one for baking…

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Plum Kulfi

Plum Kulfi by Hina Gujral

When I started making it I was very much skeptical about the taste with confused thoughts and fingers crossed I waited until it was frozen, me and "he" had first our bite of Plum Kulfi together, both of us loved it from the very first bite, the tartness of plums complimented the sweetness of khova perfectly, the coarse puree gave…

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