sinnel by astontunner

I’ve built custom apps for smart phones and tablets, but you don’t have to download them from an App Store. Just visit Cookeatshare from one of those devices and you’ll automatically be served those applications. Oh, and if you like the site be sure to invite your friends. When you start seeing new recipes that your friends are…

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Cooking Food

Cooking Food by johntillo

People all over the world eat cooked food, but people in different countries cook their food differently. Most people in this country like to eat meat, fish and vegetables cooked, but there are some people who like to eat raw fish. With the expectation of some vegetables and fruits, most of the food eaten is cooked to a greater or…

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Recharge Designs

Recharge Designs by Flip Jupiter

Recharge designs is one of the top IT company providing, best digital marketing services, mobile app & web development with creative designs

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Chocolate Ginger Crunch Cake

Chocolate Ginger Crunch Cake by Vijay Dhawan

Tasty Chocolate Ginger Crunch Cake Recipe

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French Chocolate Cake

French Chocolate Cake by Vijay Dhawan

Delight family & friend with this sumptuous chocolate cake!

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Bourbon Pecan Cake

Bourbon Pecan Cake by Farrell May Podgorsek

This versatile cake has a mild bourbon flavor. It is a popular adult birthday cake in my family. Chocolate lovers can add chocolate chips to the topping. Frosting lovers can make a layer cake to fill and frost. Cream cheese or buttercream made with bourbon would be nice. Tip: Make sure that the Bourbon you use is not harsh. For a…

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Smoked Chicken,Whisky & Barley Salad Recipe

Smoked Chicken,Whisky & Barley Salad Recipe by Renu Guru

n this recipe, the grain pearl barley gets spiked with whisky and pairs beautifully with the flavour of smoked chicken. The warm salad combined with the crunch of sprouts, cucumber and pomegranate makes it a scrumptious treat.

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Basic Savory Beef Stew

Basic Savory Beef Stew by susan c. vergalla

This recipe has evolved over many years of trying new variations, but this is the best version, according to my family and I.

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New York cheesecake

New York cheesecake by David Willy

A New York is popular food. You can take it real tast.

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Lemon Dieta

Lemon Dieta by GianMaria Le Mura

Il limone è uno dei frutti che hanno più proprietà medicinali. Quest’ultimo contiene molte vitamine e sostanze nutritive che ci aiutano a restare in buona salute. Inoltre, ci aiuta a ritornare in forma, eliminando le tossine ed accelerando il metabolismo

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Egg and Potato Cutlet

Egg and Potato Cutlet by Renu Guru

This delicious and healthy snack recipe is made using eggs, potatoes and biscotti crumbs. It is a great tea-time recipe and a perfect dish for occasions like parties and picnics.Try out this quick and easy-to-make egg delicacy.

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Fish in Caramel Sauce

Fish in Caramel Sauce by Renu Guru

This easy recipe made with fish fillets and sugar.The interesting combination of fish, sugar and black pepper makes it a recipe loved by people of all .Want to surprise your guests with something out of the box?,THEN try out this simple fish recipe.

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Blend tea of Green and Rosemary

Blend tea of Green and Rosemary by Csthay

Afternoon tea with green tea and rosemary with lemon zest(skin).

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Chinese Hot Dragon Chicken

Chinese Hot Dragon Chicken by Weining Wang

Hot Dragon chicken, also named drunken chicken or hot roast chicken, are a traditional Chinese New Year food. They are popular around the world, but especially in regions south of the Yangtze River. Beijing, China’s massive capital, has a history stretching back 3,000 years. It is known world-wide for such ancient sites as the grand…

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Refreshing pink drink

Refreshing pink drink by The up side down chef

A fun way to hydrate.

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