Beer Bread (by Bread Machine or Conventional Bread Method)

Beer Bread (by Bread Machine or Conventional Bread Method) by Salad Foodie

This recipe for Beer Bread has a fine grain, firm crust, light volume, nice moist quality plus a slight taste similar to sourdough. I use the bread machine as a convenience - to make the dough and proof it. Then I interrupt the cycle just prior to the baking function so I can shape to a regular loaf pan, give it an extra and final…

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Creamy Chicken and Vegetables

Creamy Chicken and Vegetables by Farrell May Podgorsek

This recipe uses the Creamy Sauce-Dairy Free that I recently posted. I lightened my traditional Chicken and Dumplings recipe by using the Creamy Sauce rather than the traditional fat and flour based roux. It was the perfect meal for a cold winter night, and everyone agreed it was just as good as the original version. This is a perfect…

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Ham & Cabbage Hash

Ham & Cabbage Hash by Salad Foodie

This is a fast dinner-in-a-skillet recipe, and a good way to use up leftover ham or roast beef. Lots of vegetables make the meat go further and keep calories, fat, sodium and carbs to a reasonable level. A healthy and homey stand-by recipe for breakfast and/or casual dinners.

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Creamy Sauce- dairy free

Creamy Sauce- dairy free by Farrell May Podgorsek

Based on John Ash's non-dairy Cream Sauce without the cream. I used the sauce to make a wonderful Creamed Mushroom Sauce to serve with chicken cutlets. The Creamy Sauce has a wonderful texture and full flavor, so much better than any non dairy alternative I have tried, and very low in fat. I can't wait to try instead of afar and flour…

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Spiced Nuts

Spiced Nuts by Ginny Jones

I made these two years ago and they are delicious, and every time I have a party there are none left !

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Palitaw by ShaleeDP

A tasty easy and healthy snack for kids and adults alike.

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Autumn Spice Cake

Autumn Spice Cake by Farrell May Podgorsek

One of my favorite creations. I was going to make my carrot cake which calls for pureed carrots, and realized I had no carrots. It's Fall, and what I did have on hand was canned butternut squash puree. The butternut squash purée and crushed pineapple add a subtle flavor and lots of moisture to this mildly spiced cake. Even the…

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Beef Steak (Bistek) - Tagalog

Beef Steak (Bistek) - Tagalog by ShaleeDP

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Banana Nut and Chocolate Chip Bread

Banana Nut and Chocolate Chip Bread by Judy Fisher

This is a delicious banana nut bread recipe based on Fanny Farmer's recipe with chocolate chips. This was the basic recipe that my husband's mom used when she made banana nut bread. We added the chocolate chips when one of my neighbors made banana nut bread and he used chocolate chips in his, which my kids loved. I stole the idea…

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vanilla ice cream

vanilla ice cream by sue

you don't need an ice cream maker to make this, check out my book on amazon i scream you scream we all scream for ice cream, under virginia sue le master

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nutella ice cream

nutella ice cream by sue

2 ingredients

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Chipotle Chickpea Dip

Chipotle Chickpea Dip by K. Garner

This is based on the same-titled recipe on Fat Free I used heaping tablespoons of chipotle peppers, white onion, and a mixture of fresh and bottled lime juice. This dip is FANtastic. The smokiness of the peppers fools your taste buds. The mouthfeel is there--that umami everyone's looking for--without cheese or meat. You…

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Chicken en Papillote

Chicken en Papillote by K. Garner

A fast baked chicken breast that's more delicious than you can image. Try this!

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Thai-Style Beef Salad

Thai-Style Beef Salad by Wendy Saxena-Smith

Be sure to serve this sweet and tangy beef salad just after tossing to ensure that the vegetables stay crisp. Garnish with a small handful of chopped roasted peanuts, if you like.

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Chocolate Angel Food Cake with Teff Flour

Chocolate Angel Food Cake with Teff Flour by Linda Simon

This ethereal gluten free cake melts in your mouth. It tastes like sweet chocolate air. It is dairy free, and great plain for every day. Or add a sauce or two for a spectacular treat. As my daughter says, “This is a thousand times better than store bought”. That’s if you can even find it. Homemade and preservative free, it stays…

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