Chinese Hot Dragon Chicken

Chinese Hot Dragon Chicken by Weining Wang

Hot Dragon chicken, also named drunken chicken or hot roast chicken, are a traditional Chinese New Year food. They are popular around the world, but especially in regions south of the Yangtze River. Beijing, China’s massive capital, has a history stretching back 3,000 years. It is known world-wide for such ancient sites as the grand…

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Green chutney spread for Chaat and Sandwiches

Green chutney spread for Chaat and Sandwiches by momchef

Use it as a chutney or a spread for Indian Chaats and Sandwiches

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French Toast

French Toast by Charles Rock

This recipe is very easy which you can try. Healthy recipe to have in breakfast. For more recipe you can visit at

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Different Pancake

Different Pancake by Renu Guru

This meat free meal is just delicious.This one is not at all a dull vegetarian dish.It is a top-quality falvorful meal for the whole family.

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Stir fry vermicelli and dried clams

Stir fry vermicelli and dried clams by BestOodles

I must confess we often cook this dish after we have leftover mohinger not because I cooked lots of vermicelli rather we ate only mohinger soup with my split pea fry. So I am left with plain, already cooked vermicelli . . . well, my reluctance to throw out food is how this dish came about. If you do not want or do not like pungent…

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