Sugar Free Cake, A Tasty Carrot

Sugar Free Cake, A Tasty Carrot by Nathan Willow

With the rise in the number of diabetics in the world, there has also been a rise in the search for sugar free recipes. Here is a tried and tested mouthwatering and sugar free carrot cake recipe that you can prepare at home and enjoy without any worry about the harms of sugar.

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Cajun Bread Pudding with Praline Sauce

Cajun Bread Pudding with Praline Sauce by Amos Miller

I am surprised more folks haven't tried this. I have been asked for this recipe more times than I can remember. I have served the following dish to more than 300 diners (at a time) and got a substantial number of raves, so I want to pass it on for anyone who wants something a little more like home, more New Orleans, more than a Red…

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Banana Bread

Banana Bread by Micheline

This recipe makes 2 banana loaves. One to eat immediately and the other one can be frozen for a later treat.

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new yorker pasta

new yorker pasta by maeghan

tips with paring knife,pull off tough skin from bottom of stalk toward broccoli flowerets. quarter or half if too larg. cut stalks into 2 inch pieces, if for soup or other use. broccoli should not be over cooked or it becomes strong tasting. also uncover a few times during boiling to retain bright green color

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Vegan Black Bean Coconut Brownies

Vegan Black Bean Coconut Brownies by Jill

AWESOME! Not your traditional brownie, but these are really good and really healthy too! I"ve only made this using my Vita-mix but I'm sure a regular blender will work too, just take a bit longer. When you are ready to purchase your own Vita-mix you can use code 06-003085 for free shipping. So simple, easy and quick. Totally…

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Cocoa-Lemon Hard Cookies

Cocoa-Lemon Hard Cookies by Little Housewife

Those cookies are really easy and quick to make and can be made with ingredients that are in everybody's kitchen.

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Lemonade Bars

Lemonade Bars by Cosmopolitan Cornbread

With a delicate crust and lemony filling, these bars are a lovely summer treat.

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easy raisin bread

easy raisin bread by Kate

a delicios raisin bread that you will make, and enjoy!

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Perfect Clear Chicken Broth

Perfect Clear Chicken Broth by Claudia lamascolo

Step by Step and the secrets to make the perfect broth, suggestions on what to make with it and use the leftover chicken for more than one use. Take a look a this one.

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Baked Apple Pancake

Baked Apple Pancake by Baking Barrister

Apples, cinnamon and sugar cooked into a light batter form the best breakfast ever.

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coconut cream cheese filling (icing)

coconut cream cheese filling (icing) by Jane Summers

This is a great icing for a 13x9 inch cake , or a great filling for a 8-9 inch layer cake. double recipe if you want to fill and icing the layer cake.

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Brigadeiros - Brazilian Chocolate truffles

Brigadeiros - Brazilian Chocolate truffles by Sofia Reino

This recipe is LOVED by kids. I no longer do it. My tween daughter is the one that takes care of this one. She not only loves making them as of course loves to eat them and same with her friends.

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Bajadera by Zorana Dicic

This desert is easy to make, and there is no baking required.

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*AMAZING* BBQ Chicken by Justine

I am a HUGE bbq anything fan. I've tried tons of different recipes but Filipino BBQ just might be my favorite! This is a def must have recipe in your collection. Something I learned from my mother and grandmother and will def be passing this on!

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Orange Marmalade Ricotta Cupcakes

Orange Marmalade Ricotta Cupcakes by Ruste

My Favorite Cupcake

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