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Nightcap: Lemon Green Tea, Whiskey, Anise & Cinnamon Recipe
by Aaron Hutcherson

Everyone needs a way to relax themselves at the end of a long day. Some choose television, some a bowl of ice cream, some a good book, and others a nice adult beverage. Before one lays his/her head to rest it is due time to reflect on the actions of the previous hours and ponder what one will do with those to come. Recently I've been spending lots of nights contemplating many aspects of my life, and on one recent evening I enjoyed this lovely beverage to get the thoughts flowing. Whiskey is as good as any therapist if you ask me.


1+ shot of your favorite whiskey


Steep tea bag, star anise, and cinnamon in warm water for three minutes.

Stir in the booze of your choice.

Drink up and let the mind begin to wander...