Iranian Cotlet

Iranian Cotlet by LK

This has to be one of my favorite Persian dishes and definitely a comfort food for me. Traditionally made with ground beef and various spices, my mom makes her own version of these cutlets with ground turkey that is crispy on the outside while still being soft on the inside. Makes great leftovers especially if you put it in a pita…

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Turkey meatballs on a stick

Turkey meatballs on a stick by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

Homemade fast food, tasty and healthy.

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Feta Turkey Burgers with Gluten Free Buns

Feta Turkey Burgers with Gluten Free Buns by Shawn Christopher

This recipe I have made several times and it always gets a warm welcome. The buns are a sweet sourdough. They can be made more visually appealing, just spend more time than I did smoothing them out before the rising process.

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Asian Meatballs w/ Peanut Sauce

Asian Meatballs w/ Peanut Sauce by Aspen Lee-Moulden

These are to die for! I was having some friends over for dinner who only eat chicken/turkey and beef. I don't eat much beef so I started looking for a healthy, tasty recipe for poultry. I came across a blog site that had these listed for a cocktail party. I decided to double the recipe and serve them as a main course with saffron…

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Turkey Cranberry Pancakes

Turkey Cranberry Pancakes by Brett Ede

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Turkey Breakfast Sausage

Turkey Breakfast Sausage by Brett Ede

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Turkey italian sausage

Turkey italian sausage by Phil M Carver

Like to eat italian, try this and you'll love Nonna's Recipe try it once and tell me what you think..Put it in your Pasta no matter what kind it is it's great on Pizza just brown it first.

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Really Tasty Turkey and Okra burger

Really Tasty Turkey and Okra burger by Mani

A surprisely very tasty turkey burger! The okra and jalapeno cheese slice adds a lot of moisture and flavor to what can be a pretty bland meat. I made the first burgers without egg, but felt it would hold together better with one or perhaps if cheese were made part of the burger mix. I will be trying that next time.

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