Adam's Turkey Tetrazzini Casserole

Adam's Turkey Tetrazzini Casserole by Adam Janowski

This Thanksgiving, I experimented with a leftover turkey dish, making my own version of Turkey Tetrazzini. According to Wikipedia, “The dish is named after Italian opera star Luisa Tetrazzini. It is widely believed to have been invented circa 1908–1910 by Ernest Arbogast, the chef at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, California,…

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Classic Roast Turkey

Classic Roast Turkey by ShaleeDP

I found this recipe in one of my food newsletters and I find it doable on my end plus it looks simple delicious!

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Grilled Turkey Florentine Burgers

Grilled Turkey Florentine Burgers by Robyn Savoie

Just try convincing your guests that a recipe this scrumptious is healthy, too. These moist, monster burgers are packed with veggie's, cheese and loads of great grilled flavor.

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Shoppel's Famous Turkey Stuffing

Shoppel's Famous Turkey Stuffing by Tom Shoppel

This family turkey stuffing recipe is great. It's a bit old school since it calls for cooking the stuffing in the bird. But it's been a big winner in my family for over 60 years!

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Roasted Turkey And Root Vegetable Pot Pie Napoleon

Roasted Turkey And Root Vegetable Pot Pie Napoleon by Parties That Cook

The turkey is moist, the filling ingredients are fresh and flavorful, and the pie crust is rumored to be the lightest and flakiest EVER. We loved this recipe so much we even made it our recipe of the month! This seasonal holiday recipe is just in time for your Thanksgiving turkey cravings.

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3 Bean Turkey Chili

3 Bean Turkey Chili by Culinary Envy

3 Bean Turkey Chili is packed with protein from lean turkey and beans, it's loaded with amazing flavor that will have your family raving!

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Spicy Turkey Patties

Spicy Turkey Patties by ShaleeDP

Learned this from online recipes that I normally visit.

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Wild Rice-Turkey Casserole

Wild Rice-Turkey Casserole by RecipeKing

Wild Rice-Turkey Casserole is an easy recipe that uses either turkey or chicken. Perfect for leftovers from your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. This delicious dish can also be made 12 hours ahead of time and refrigerated. Wild rice, turkey, green beans and bell peppers with an Alfredo sauce and bread crumb topping make up this…

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Smoky Turkey & Cheese Enchiladas

Smoky Turkey & Cheese Enchiladas by Patti Fisher

Smoky Turkey and Cheese Enchiladas were fun to make and yummy to eat., In the last few days Ken smoked a turkey and smoked our favorite types of cheese. With the hot weather coming we get asked for lots of recipes using leftovers. Substituting chicken for turkey works great, too. These were quick and easy to put together and can be…

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Easy Spicy Roast Turkey

Easy Spicy Roast Turkey by ShaleeDP

From one of my food newsletters. I like this one, spicy is such a turn on for me!

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Italian Turkey Burgers with Tomatoes & Red Onions for "Two"

Italian Turkey Burgers with Tomatoes & Red Onions for "Two" by "Cheffie Cooks"

Great weekday lunch option or weekend! Delicious Flavors easy prep.

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Orange and Molasses-Glazed Turkey with Sherried Pan Gravy

Orange and Molasses-Glazed Turkey with Sherried Pan Gravy by Robyn Savoie

Orange and molasses give this turkey a beautiful sheen, but their real strength is in flavoring the pan dripping's, which become the aromatic base for a wonderful gravy. Early settlers brined meats as a way of tenderizing and preserving, but today we use brining as a terrific method for ensuring tender, moist and juicy turkey.…

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Ground turkey in a puff pastry braid

Ground turkey in a puff pastry braid by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

Elegant, tasty and easy to make.

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Chipotle Turkey Chili

Chipotle Turkey Chili by Keely Locke

This is from Rachel Ray's 30-minute meals from the Food Network page. I have taken the liberty to change a few things to my taste so this is not exactly Rachel's recipe.

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Turkey soup with tomatoes and herbs.

Turkey soup with tomatoes and herbs. by Helenscooking

Great soup, if you have turkey leftovers from holidays or if you just wish to have a rich, hearty soup for lunch. Any part of turkey will be good (I cooked mine from turkey neck and some leftovers). It takes 30-40 minutes to cook and the taste is amazing. The key to great taste are tomatoes and herbs.

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