RAW Mexican Fiesta Soup

RAW Mexican Fiesta Soup by margaret Meyer

If anybody knows me for any time they will find out that I LOVE vegan Mexican and Thai Food! Anything with that spicy flare. I warmed my vegan raw soup in the dehydrator about an hour before I wanted to eat it. AMAZING! Another healthy vegan recipe! This has cilantro which is great for heavy metal detoxification. Cilantro:…

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Tomato Party with Crispy Couscous Croutons

Tomato Party with Crispy Couscous Croutons by Kimberley Owen

To celebrate the coming of Summer I decided to give one of Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes a go yesterday. Since it was called a "Tomato Party" it seemed very appropriate for this very exciting time of the year. I made a couple of mistakes but turned the recipe into my own adaptation! So here it goes:

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Mackerel in Brine

Mackerel in Brine by TinaTilapis

Never had it b4 June 13,2011. This was a can of mackerel in brine. Very Healthy, filling and low in calories.The tostones took longer to prepare!

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