Stove Top Spanish Rice

Stove Top Spanish Rice by Patsy Thompson

This is a quick an easy rice dish that can be made in minutes. This dish can be served with tacos or other Mexican dishes. You could add hamburger meat to the dish and make it a complete meal.

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5 Ingredient Rice Bites

5 Ingredient Rice Bites by Renu Guru

For this recipe you will need to use ONLY freshly cooked hot rice.Cold rice becomes harder to mold and also it loses its flavour.This can be served to kids with some fresh carrot sticks and some tomato ketchup on the side.It makes for a great party or picnic snack too.Grownups can eat this with a hot cup of green or any flavoured…

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Hot Rice Cereal

Hot Rice Cereal by Linda Gee

Hot Rice in Milk; Toast, Margarine & Jelly; Orange Juice; Hot Tea. Economy breakft.

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Black Bean & Rice Salad

Black Bean & Rice Salad by Clarisa Skinner

This is one of my favorite recipes and I came up with it by accident! I was supposed to be making a pot of black beans to serve with rice, but by the time I was done it had turned into something totally different. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Easy chicken risotto recipe

Easy chicken risotto recipe by Deanna Martinez-Bey

Are you in need of a quick weeknight meal to make for your family? This easy chicken risotto dish is perfect for you! It contains a starch, protein, dairy and vegetable.

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Rice and Nut Salad

Rice and Nut Salad by Rich H

This recipe is a really versatile one. It can serve as a hot rice dish, but we use it as a savory, cold salad. Either way, it is a delicious dish that you can make ahead and serve as a side or take it hot off the stove, mix it up and serve it warm as part of your main course.

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Brown Rice Greek Salad

Brown Rice Greek Salad by Karen E. Taylor

This recipe is my modified version of Martha Stewart's Brown Rice Salad. I made adjustments by adding oregano and feta and omitted her version which called for spinach and dill. Great way to use up left over rice. We enjoy it served alongside Grilled Chicken Souvlaki skewers.

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Pumpkin Fried Rice

Pumpkin Fried Rice by Carolinaheartstrings

A few weeks ago I fixed Farm Diva’s Chicken Fried Rice recipe for dinner. It was delicious and with a Lowcountry sweetie that was raised up on rice I had made more rice than I needed in her recipe. The leftover white rice sat in the fridge for a day or two and then one evening in a desperate-for-a-side-dish mode I looked in the…

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Kimchi Bokkeum Bab w Ginger (Fried Rice)

Kimchi Bokkeum Bab w Ginger (Fried Rice) by jason kim

My good friend and famous Aussie actor Hugh Jackman provided me some inspiration for tonight's dinner, Ginger Fried Rice Korean-style, a dish he apparently loves according to People magazine (but I'm thinking the wife would probably had benefited from some kind of soup for her sudden sickness). When he was younger, his father used to…

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Truffled Rice

Truffled Rice by Michele Glauser

I had this rice one night at this great bistro , the flavors are unbelievable! Surprisingly the chef shared this recipe with me! It goes great with Chicken and Fish dishes. Truffle oil is very strong so remember you only have to use a little.

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Cheesy Spinach Rice Bake

Cheesy Spinach Rice Bake by sunlit2

From I have adjusted and removed some ingredients to lighten it up. My husband and I really liked this one and my husband doesn't like spinach. Serve as a side dish to accompany healthy grilled chicken or as its own vegetarian dish. You can definitely play around with the cheeses you use...try pizza blend, Mexican…

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Islanders Rice 400pp@3/4cup

Islanders Rice [email protected]/4cup by william ruiz

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Tijuana Rice

Tijuana Rice by Deborrah Justice

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Browned Rice

Browned Rice by Mary Ann Walter

My family loves this rice especially when I make a shrimp dish to go with.

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Italian Rice Balls

Italian Rice Balls by Evelyn Scott

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