Joyce's Fresh Jalapeno Salsa

Joyce's Fresh Jalapeno Salsa by Kathleen Scott

Joyce is the angel who helps care for my father. The last time I visited with my parents, Joyce taught us how to make fresh jalapeno salsa. Joyce's salsa puts the bottled stuff to shame and this "from-scratch" salsa is so easy we'll never buy salsa again. The only caveat is "know what you like"--for just a little heat, use just a…

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Pickled peppers

Pickled peppers by Gourmandelle LifestyleBlog

Autumn is near and I love having a closet full of conserved veggies prepared for the winter. Hot peppers are great with winter soups; they melt you inside out :)). Here’s a super easy method for conserving peppers that also works for other veggies too.

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Red Bell Pepper Soup

Red Bell Pepper Soup by Mihir Shah

Great light meal on hot summer days or nights. Serve with a warm baggett or garlic bread. Oh, and don't forget a bottle of wine!

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Pepper Milk

Pepper Milk by Divya Pramil

Pepper milk is a simple recipe, prepared with milk, and two Indian spices, pepper and turmeric powder. It is a very good medicinal cure for throat infection, flu and cold and is also very tasty. This recipes soothes an infected throat and gives relief immediately. Apart from using it as a medicinal drink you can enjoy this as a…

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Turkey and Chicken Mole Sauce

Turkey and Chicken Mole Sauce by Linda Fillhardt

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Ika & Tobiko (Squid & flying fish eggs)

Ika & Tobiko (Squid & flying fish eggs) by CHEF ASHRAF ABD ALEEM ELKHARBOTLY

Ika & Tobiko (Squid & flying fish eggs)

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Pepper Garlic Rasam (Indian pepper soup)

Pepper Garlic Rasam (Indian pepper soup) by Navaneetham Krishnan

Sparkled with curry leaves, coriander leaves and spring onion without any compromise on its authentic flavour.

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Ron's Afterburner Mexican Hot Sauce

Ron's Afterburner Mexican Hot Sauce by Ronald R. Flinders

This is my version of Pico Pica, available on the west- coast but very limited in the mid-west. Goes great on just about you want to add a little zip to, especially Mexican foods.

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Pepper Soup

Pepper Soup by Evelyn Scott

The key to making good pepper soup is to utilize a wide variety of pepper types and seasonings, and in this sense every batch of pepper soup is truly unlike every other. One good tip on making pepper soup is to make certain that the peppers are soft and cooked well - if not the name of this soup can be changed to "instant heartburn".…

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