Lamb Meatball and Fava Bean Tagine / Morocco

Lamb Meatball and Fava Bean Tagine / Morocco by Amos Miller

This is truly a hand-crafted meal - it takes time. I know that only the most devoted will make this. But it is nothing short of spectacular and was my favorite Spring dish. I'd eat it weekly. This is how I recall Mina made for me when I lived in Marrakech. I'm sharing it just because it is a personal favorite and, for guests,…

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Lamb Hash

Lamb Hash by Linda Weinmunson

This is a great dish born out needing to use some leftover lamb from the Greek Festival. The version I have here is meant to cut some fat and make it a little healthier.

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Elaine’s Bacon Wrapped Lamb Chops With Garden Fresh Veggies

Elaine’s Bacon Wrapped Lamb Chops With Garden Fresh Veggies by Elaine

Lamb end chops are small in size, but BIG in flavor. The bacon also adds to the flavor of this dish, and helps retain the moistness of the meat. The balsamic vinegar reduction adds zing. The veggies are freshly picked from my garden. Prep:20m…

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Navarin d'Agneau

Navarin d'Agneau by Phil

Wonderful spring lamb and vegetable stew that defies stew stereotypes. This is a remarkably light and fresh celebration of the best spring foods. Unlike winter stews (tasty, but the meat and vegetables are all the same mushy, pasty consistency) this recipe has you cook the meat and the vegetables separately, combining them at the…

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Roasted Rack of Lamb

Roasted Rack of Lamb by Donna Cohen Avery I have a great rack of lamb recipe from Mark Bittman but the "crust" always burns. I decided to look online and found this on All Recipe. I left out most of the salt and added shallots to the crust. It took a little longer to cook than it said and I turned the oven…

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Easter Italian Roundup 2010 and 2011

Easter Italian Roundup 2010 and 2011 by Claudia lamascolo

A traditional family meal, assorted appetizers, soup, main course, sides and loads of desserts... Italian traditions but something for everyone!

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Traditional South African Lamb /MuttonSosaties

Traditional South African Lamb /MuttonSosaties by Peter Brown

This is the best Ive seen. Found it on FOOD .com by Zurie "Sosaties are not kebabs. They're lamb meat on skewers, but they marinate in a distinctive sauce with a traditional flavour. They are never made from beef, but from lamb or tender mutton. (Maybe it should be added that S A lamb, probably because of their grazing, is really…

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Red hot lamb curry

Red hot lamb curry by Achal Singh Bhati

It is a all time favorite dish of Jodhpur ,Rajasthan, India. It can be easily prepared at home giving you an opportunity to invite guests at home for a delicious treat. The ingredients are given below and also the method of preparation. Try out today and taste the flavour of Rajasthan.

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Lamb Vindaloo

Lamb Vindaloo by Peter Brown

Recipe from Henrie Geyser a fine chef A really flavoursome curry for a cool night .Use Lamb,Kid Goat or Mutton and eat with your hands picking up the meat with a Roti

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Lamb Shanks with Beans and Mushrooms

Lamb Shanks with Beans and Mushrooms by Peter Brown

Recipe by Rosemary Gough It is very easy to cook and only needs patience to produce wonderfully soft meat with a full flavour sauce. I love the added beans and mushrooms, they are both nutritious and add good flavour. My secret ingredient is the anchovies, they are full of meaty goodness without any fishiness. Lamb Shank with…

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Dumpling and Lamb Stew

Dumpling and Lamb Stew by Peter Brown

I found this recipe from Thuli of MGANSI STYLE CUSINE and have passed it on as it was presented : Peter "Whether it’s prepared in winter or summer this dish is a guaranteed winner and your guests will give you the complimentary ‘oooh’s and ‘aaah’s around the dinner table. I grew up in an environment whereby if there’s been a…

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Lamb Cheeseburger Roulade

Lamb Cheeseburger Roulade by jeff holmes

This my take an a twist to a cheeseburger roulade. Its a simple recipe with lots of flavor, texture, and appeal. I was looking for a new and exciting twist to a cheeseburger and I was also soluting Dale Jr. (Daytona 500). I hope you enjoy this as much as I did..

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Tashreeb (an Iraqi Dish)

Tashreeb (an Iraqi Dish) by miansari66

Tashreeb is a delicious , balanced and nutritious dish of Iraq. I dedicate my this recipe to the Foodista team.

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Lamb Stew with Tomatoes and Spices

Lamb Stew with Tomatoes and Spices by John Spottiswood

This is a succulent dish. It's another amazing recipe I adapted from Stews, Bogs and Burgoos by James Villas. The original recipe is for braised lamb shanks. We were serving 8 at a cabin and wanted to be able to use a slow cooker, so we substituted leg of lamb instead. The result was delicious. The key is the flavor of the…

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Lamb and Goat's Cheese Boiger

Lamb and Goat's Cheese Boiger by Hungry Jenny

This is so ridiculously quick and easy that it barely needs instructions!

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