Slow Cooker version of roast lamb in lemon and garlic sauce: Arni Psito me Patatas

Slow Cooker version of roast lamb in lemon and garlic sauce: Arni Psito me Patatas by Lesley Winch

Traditional Greek dish, usually eaten around Easter time.

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Mmmmm.....Mutton Kofta

Mmmmm.....Mutton Kofta by Renu Guru

This is a lip-smacking main dish recipe that you can prepare.This kofta recipe is truly delicious as the koftas are crispy on outside and melts in your mouth while you bite them. You can make this yummy main dish recipe on pot lucks, kitty parties and get-togethers

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Overnight Lamb Roast

Overnight Lamb Roast by RecipeKing

Overnight Lamb Roast is an easy to make and delicious recipe for an Patagonian style lamb roast; Patagonia is a region of Argentina. It marinates for 12 hours in a made from scratch marinade, included in this recipe. So plan a day ahead before starting this one. It will be well worth the wait and all your family and guests will love…

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Dalca (Dhal Mutton Curry)

Dalca (Dhal Mutton Curry) by Navaneetham Krishnan

Tender mutton pieces submerged in a dhal gravy with potatoes, carrots and brinjals swimming aimlessly.

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Mutton Ball Soup

Mutton Ball Soup by Navaneetham Krishnan

scented with rosemary and its a complete dish with potatoes, carrots and celery.

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Grilled Lamb With Tequila And Chipotle Rub

Grilled Lamb With Tequila And Chipotle Rub by Robyn Savoie

This lamb offers a change of pace from the classic grilled steak. It is best to start this marinating at home and grill when you get to the a race track, tailgate party or picnic.

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Lamb with Chickpeas and Cilantro

Lamb with Chickpeas and Cilantro by ECK

A very fragrant dish made with lamb or chicken. it is inspired from a small restaurant that served traditional Han Chinese food. Sadly it closed, but this is a pretty close approximation. Enjoy.

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Chili Mutton With Potatoes

Chili Mutton With Potatoes by Navaneetham Krishnan

Aromatic and addictive dish, cooked with spices, chilies and potatoes.

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Gyro Meat

Gyro Meat by Therese

I Love Gyros ! I found this recipe and changed some of the ingredients ( spices ) to what I thought was more traditional for gyro meat. My husband said it was spot on and I hope you will think so too . Also I always make a small sample patty of meat just to make sure it is seasoned properly.

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Pastitsio by Walter Sandsquish

Greek pasta, baked in a microwave.

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Roasted Root Vegetable Irish Lamb Stew

Roasted Root Vegetable Irish Lamb Stew by DCMH

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Malay Curried tripe recipe

Malay Curried tripe recipe by Peter Brown

An unusual way to cook Tripe .This from the cape Malay culture in South Africa

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Braised Lamb w Flageolets & Winter Vegetables

Braised Lamb w Flageolets & Winter Vegetables by Cindy McNamara

Boneless leg of lamb butterflied and packed with a garlic herb paste then braised. Winter root vegetables and heirloom beans added towards the end of a 3-4 hour braise. Comfort food with a Provencal flavor. I'm serving it up tonight with lightly dressed green salad, crusty bread and red wine.

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Roast Lamb in Garlic and Lemon Sauce

Roast Lamb in Garlic and Lemon Sauce by Lesley Winch

My take on a traditional Greek dish. Wrap well if storing in the fridge! I usually add plenty of potatoes cut small about an hour before end of cooking time and serve with plain, boiled rice and a green salad. TIP: After grating the lemon rind and juicing the lemon, put the leftover lemon bits in a small bowl in the fridge - it…

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Lamb Kofte Meatballs

Lamb Kofte Meatballs by Farrell May Podgorsek

These little lamb meatballs are flavorful and juicy. Middle Eastern spicing gives them an unexpected flavor. Make them small for appetizers, or larger for a filling lunch or dinner. Serve them in a flatbread or pita with pomegranate sauce. You can saute these meatballs or thread them on a skewer and grill them. Be sure to make the…

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