Birria: Traditional Mexican Stew

Birria: Traditional Mexican Stew by Richard Blaine

Birria stew is a favorite stew from Mexico. It is served in the finest of restaurants and also on many street vendors as well. It is traditionally made with lamb but can be made with any red meat like goat, veal, beef and the other white meat.....pork! This is a delicious stew with many uses. Just check out the broth that gets made…

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Meat Ball Curry

Meat Ball Curry by Paul Anderson Lumen

Indian recipe.. Served with rice or Chapatis... Masala curry.. with meat balls... Something different... and tasty!

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Tashreeb (an Iraqi Dish)

Tashreeb (an Iraqi Dish) by miansari66

Tashreeb is a delicious , balanced and nutritious dish of Iraq. I dedicate my this recipe to the Foodista team.

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Lamb Stew with Tomatoes and Spices

Lamb Stew with Tomatoes and Spices by John Spottiswood

This is a succulent dish. It's another amazing recipe I adapted from Stews, Bogs and Burgoos by James Villas. The original recipe is for braised lamb shanks. We were serving 8 at a cabin and wanted to be able to use a slow cooker, so we substituted leg of lamb instead. The result was delicious. The key is the flavor of the…

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Baked Lamb Shoulder Chops

Baked Lamb Shoulder Chops by Renu Guru

Did you know lean beef and lamb contains omega 3 contributing to heart health,particularly important for those who don't eat oily fish.One tip I always follow while making this dish-remove excess fat from lamb shoulder chops before cooking and brown lamb shoulder chops before baking for that extra flavor.Lamb shoulder chops,lamb neck…

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Malay Curried tripe recipe

Malay Curried tripe recipe by Peter Brown

An unusual way to cook Tripe .This from the cape Malay culture in South Africa

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Curry Goat

Curry Goat by Peter Brown

I was watching a cookery program and the presenter was speaking to an old West Indian man and were discussing various dishes. He mentioned Curry Goat (not Goat curry) was a famous West Indian dish. It got me curious so researched it . There are many recipes but this is easy and very tasty.

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Lamb Madras

Lamb Madras by kathy gori

a lovely lamb dish slowly cooked in clay for a lazy lunch

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Slow Cooker version of roast lamb in lemon and garlic sauce: Arni Psito me Patatas

Slow Cooker version of roast lamb in lemon and garlic sauce: Arni Psito me Patatas by Lesley Winch

Traditional Greek dish, usually eaten around Easter time.

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Ken's Lemon Rub for Lamb Spareribs

Ken's Lemon Rub for Lamb Spareribs by Ken Podgorsek

This lemon rub is great on lamb and chicken. The mint and lemon are a classic combination. Slow roasted in the oven, they gave the meat a slight citrus flavor. The rub was used to season pasture raised lamb spareribs Incredible flavor and a great crust on the ribs. We also used the rub on a whole chicken with great results.

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Morrocan Lamb

Morrocan Lamb by Bernard Dahilig

I love the savory and slow & low cooking process of Morrocan food and especially stews like this, How can you not love this dish over the balnd falvorless stews of its American counterpart - DUH! Give it a try and you be the judge. My first taste of Morrocan food about a dozen years ago and i was addicted to the flavors of the exotic…

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Lamb Biryani

Lamb Biryani by Jim DeForest

This rice/lamb dish is the centerpiece of any grand festive event. This last Xmas my daughter, grand daughter and I also cooked the following for eleven family members. As I go I will be posting recipes for all these dishes plus a suggested preparation and cooking schedule. jBear with me, it may take a few days to get it all done.…

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Lamb Vindaloo

Lamb Vindaloo by Peter Brown

Recipe from Henrie Geyser a fine chef A really flavoursome curry for a cool night .Use Lamb,Kid Goat or Mutton and eat with your hands picking up the meat with a Roti

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Red hot lamb curry

Red hot lamb curry by Achal Singh Bhati

It is a all time favorite dish of Jodhpur ,Rajasthan, India. It can be easily prepared at home giving you an opportunity to invite guests at home for a delicious treat. The ingredients are given below and also the method of preparation. Try out today and taste the flavour of Rajasthan.

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Savory venison soup

Savory venison soup by Bill and Pam Davis

This is absolutely the tastiest venison soup we have ever eaten. Can also substitute goat, lamb, rabbit, or raccon for the venison. Simple to make, very few ingrediants. It can be a meal in itself or used as an appitizer. Try it and we guareentee you will make it again and again and matter what the occaision or what time of…

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