Moroccan Bread

Moroccan Bread by Amos Miller

It is interesting to me that one of my grandfathers, a West Virginian who lived at the end of Horsemill Hollow, always referred to bread as 'the staff of life'. As anyone who has traveled to North Africa knows, bread is a special food, treated with the utmost respect and central to every meal. My Mountaineer gramps would have much…

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Aunt Violet's Swedish Rye Bread

Aunt Violet's Swedish Rye Bread by Amos Miller

Swedes have always made hearty, highly flavored breads and rye always seems to play a part, the foundation for many avenues of baking exploration. Aunt Violet was one of my paternal grandfather's sisters. This is her recipe 'from home'. It seems each of the 7 Moller children brought fragments of family recipes with them through…

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