Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins (with bread machine dough option)

Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins (with bread machine dough option) by Salad Foodie

Whole wheat, bran and honey - a perfect threesome! Regular hamburger buns and even bread slices at times have too much bread volume for me, so I often turn to commercial sandwich thins. When I tried this recipe from it enabled me to have…

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small almond cookies

small almond cookies by branna

nice moister almond cookies

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Grandma's Lentils and Rice Video Instructions

Grandma's Lentils and Rice Video Instructions by Claudia lamascolo

This recipe includes a video, lentils were cooked in the crockpot over night, now here's what we did with them!

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Gluten Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

Gluten Free Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting by Shawn Christopher

When you're gluten free, there are certain things that you really miss. Chocolate cake and cupcakes were one of the things Shawn yearned for and I vowed to make them. These are super yummy and will delight everyone, gluten free or not.

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Fish Ball & Cabbage Fried Rice

Fish Ball & Cabbage Fried Rice by Navaneetham Krishnan

There's no big tacky words to describe this fried rice except that it's simple yet unforgettable.

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Original Flax Honey Butter

Original Flax Honey Butter by Smokinhotchef

This is an amazing spread packed with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that will become a staple in a nutritious diet. The powerful benefits of alpha-linolenic acid and not to mention the health and the cosmetic attributes. Glorious honey- natures 'perfect' food, being anti- inflammatory, antiseptic and an antioxidant, packed…

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Molasses Rye Dinner Rolls

Molasses Rye Dinner Rolls by Robyn Savoie

Ooh la la...these are wonderfully rich rolls. Just think about it...whole rye flour, molasses, orange juice and chocolate! Yes, you read correctly, choc·o·late. These make for a perfect addition to any meal. Word to the wise, make them into dinner rolls or one loaf. I made them into sandwich rolls once, too rich this way. If…

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Easy Cake Mix Oatmeal Craisin Cookies

Easy Cake Mix Oatmeal Craisin Cookies by Denise Sherin

Using a Spice Cake mix adds great flavor to the cookies. I like Craisins but you could use raisins or dried cherrys too.

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Polenta Basic

Polenta Basic by branna

How to make a good basic polenta dish

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Perfect Pie Crust

Perfect Pie Crust by Libby Starchild

This is from an old church cookbook that my grandmother had. It's a great, simple recipe that can be used to help a little girl make her first pie. I've made single-serving pies in muffin tins, tarts, meat pies (after the pie is sealed you can make a braided edge to make it look pretty). Just be very careful not to work the dough…

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Turkse Bulgur salade

Turkse Bulgur salade by SpiritBarb

Heerlijke salade op basis van bulgur, ik denk dat je bulgur het beste kan vergelijken met couscous. Lekker op smaak gemaakt met verse groente, tomatenpuree, wat peper en zout e.d

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Oats and vegetable patties

Oats and vegetable patties by Renu Guru

You can have them with tea or serve them for lunch, these starters will never make you feel like you are committing a diet crime. You can savour these guilt free.

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Cinnamonroll gourmet style

Cinnamonroll gourmet style by branna

(makes abt 12 large or 15 small rolls) :

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Curry Spice BBQ Grilled Corn

Curry Spice BBQ Grilled Corn by Sean

Spicy twist to the traditional grilled corn recipe shown to me by a few Indian friends. This recipe is easy to modify on the fly and fun to experiment with.

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