Homemade Grilled Flatbread

Homemade Grilled Flatbread by John Spottiswood

I couldn't find any authentic pita bread or other flat bread at my local grocery store, so I decided to try grilling my own. It turned out to be really fun and not too difficult. And the taste was amazing. The hardest part was rolling out the dough (I doubled the recipe). Fortunately, I was able to do that while watching a playoff…

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Breton Sweet Crêpes

Breton Sweet Crêpes by Sherwin Faden

These crepes are authentic and remind me so much of time in La Bretagne (Brittany). They are so good that I never want to put anything on them. They are best prepared on a crepe griddle (Une Bilique). They will last a day or two and so I often prepare a double batch.

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Breton Savoury Buckwheat Galettes

Breton Savoury Buckwheat Galettes by Sherwin Faden

If you want to have lunch or dinner, these are the crêpes you will want to make. You will think you are are in a crêperie en Bretagne (Brittany). You can make the crepes and then heat them again to make your meal or better make the meal right then and there. The most authentic being to use Gruyère cheese, an egg, and ham. To do this…

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Makki aur Aloo ka Paratha

Makki aur Aloo ka Paratha by Hina Gujral

Makki aur Aloo ka Paratha is an Indian flatbread made with maize flour and spicy potato dough, boiled potato is seasoned with various spices and then rubbed with maize flour to form smooth pliable dough to make Parathas. While the winter is slowly slipping from the seasonal calendar in Southern Indian it is still hard to resist not to…

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