Caribbean Crepes

Caribbean Crepes by Robyn Savoie

The Wisconsin State Fair is upon us once again. Over the next few days, I will be posting some great recipes connected to the "Golden Spork" Awards. The Sporkies is a Wisconsin State Fair food competition that started in 2013. This is my spin on Lulu's Caribbean Crêpes. Think about it...sweet cream cheese spread layered with your…

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Papaya Halwa

Papaya Halwa by chef bb

It’s an Indian-style dessert made of semi-ripe papaya. You already heard about a carrot and Moong Dal Halwa. My idea is to mix some health with the sweet. If you are more health aware you can adjoin jaggery as an alternative to sugar. I added sugar, khova (dry milk product); some dry fruits and fat in it.

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Peach Ginger Chutney

Peach Ginger Chutney by Bob Vincent

This is a simple chutney that goes well with grilled Indian or spicy food. I served it with Grilled Tandoori Turkey Tenderloin. A link for the turkey is provided.

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Orange Crepes

Orange Crepes by B Innes

Crepes with an Orange filling and a delicious Orange Sauce

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Apple Bacon Cheddar Crostini

Apple Bacon Cheddar Crostini by Denise Sherin

Great fall appetizer, party food or fun snack.

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Apple and Raisin Chutney Recipe

Apple and Raisin Chutney Recipe by Hina Gujral

Apple and Raisin Chutney Recipe is a British style savory spread made with apples and raisin and a hint of cinnamon that provides the much required warmth.

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Spicy Plum Sauce

Spicy Plum Sauce by erin de martini

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Figs Foster

Figs Foster by Barbara Ferrell

When buying figs and they are not all ripe, don't throw them away, or let them sit until they turn into dried figs. Turn them into a sweet treat to eat alone or over ice cream.

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Paula's Bananas Foster

Paula's Bananas Foster by Tiffany

This recipe is WONDERFUL and incredibly easy! I was terrified to light the flame, but don't be. It really wasn't as scary as I anticipated. Paula does not add cinnamon to her recipe, but I added a dash and really liked it.

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Marie's Apple&Banana Surprise!

Marie's Apple&Banana Surprise! by Marie J Groves

I had some very Ripe Apples and 4 Bananas that were getting really brown so I added them to this reciepe, If you find that the Apples while peeling them are getting to brown then add a little lemon juice to them..then I added the Rum extract and wow that was a good idea! Then I thought hum Cream Cheese would go really well in this…

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Fig marmalade for cheese

Fig marmalade for cheese by Susanna Crofton

Have a couple of figs kicking around?This is a great little marmalade to have as a topping for crostini and goat cheese.

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Sauteed cherries with raspberry juice

Sauteed cherries with raspberry juice by Dulce Hoover

Watch as Chef Luc Huysentruyt prepares these sauteed cherries flambeed with Kirsch and served with almonds and mint leaves. at

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