Russian omelet

Russian omelet by Pavel Nartov

It's very fast and delicious recipe

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Chile Rellenos Soufflé

Chile Rellenos Soufflé by Salad Foodie

If you're craving a chile relleno fix, give this light south-of-the-border layered soufflé a try. I looked at several recipes then came up with my own combination and it fits my need for a guilt-free alternative. To save time use canned whole green chiles, or char your fresh garden ones if desired. One batch makes 4 generous-size…

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Mexican Loco Moco

Mexican Loco Moco by John Spottiswood

I made this for breakfast because I had a bunch of left over mexican rice and a mix of whole and refried beans. Our kids love Loco Moco, a Hawaiian breakfast dish of ground beef patties and eggs over white rice with brown gravy on top. If you haven't had that before, it is great comfort food. This mexican version is equally good…

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Scambled Egg Whites with Tomatoes and Herbs

Scambled Egg Whites with Tomatoes and Herbs by John Spottiswood

This is my standard egg dish that I make with a variety of seasonal vegetables and herbs. I use whatever I have in my garden or my refrigerator. Every variation is delicious in it's own way. This is so easy to make and always gets rave reviews.

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Bernice's Vegetable Dip

Bernice's Vegetable Dip by Micheline

An excellent, creamy, tangy, zippy dip to serve with fresh vegetables.

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Baked French Toast Casserole

Baked French Toast Casserole by Culinary Envy

Baked French Toast Casserole with brioche toast and caramelized topping makes the perfect easygoing and tasty make-ahead breakfast or brunch!

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Persian Style Baked Herb Omelet - "Healing Foods for Special Diets"

Persian Style Baked Herb Omelet - "Healing Foods for Special Diets" by The Blender Girl

This omelet will rock your world! I found this recipe in a fantastic book called Healing Foods, that is sadly, no longer in print. Baked omelets are so quick and easy; and very low maintenance, in comparison with their stove top counterparts, who…

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Chinese Moon Cake

Chinese Moon Cake by Weining Wang

In Asian countries, most people believe that Spring Festival is the well-deserved king of festivals. Others, though, would give the title to Mid-Autumn Day, a festival that invariably makes Asians abroad miss their motherland. Mid-Autumn Day, which has been with Asians for centuries, became symbolic of people returning to their…

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Tom's Creamy Scrambled Eggs

Tom's Creamy Scrambled Eggs by Salad Foodie

This recipe is so simple I was reluctant to post it. But I had never tasted eggs cooked this way before Tom served some to me, and I was hooked. The secrets are to scramble the eggs "soft" so they are very moist, and add the cream cheese right at the end so there are visible streaks throughout. So simple - so divine!

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Best Egg Salad Sandwich

Best Egg Salad Sandwich by Culinary Envy

This is the BEST Egg Salad Sandwich recipe ever, bar none! It’s a yummy little twist on the classic recipe that your whole family is going to LOVE!

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Asparagus Tart

Asparagus Tart by Julia Ann Souders

Spring time asparagus surrounded with a custard filling. Great for breakfast, brunch, lunch or late time supper. Excellant to be served warm or room temperature. Give it some color by adding diced red bell peppers and sliced black olives. Try shredded cheddar cheese for variety.

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Savory egg turnover! (Dominican style)

Savory egg turnover! (Dominican style) by Arturo Féliz-Camilo

Today I share one of my favorites: egg empanadas!

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Crustless Tomato Pie

Crustless Tomato Pie by Salad Foodie

From the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen (July 2013), this easy recipe met my needs for a novel and nutritious way to use up the last of the season tomatoes. A nice change of pace from quiche for a brunch or light supper.

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Veggie Herb Quiche

Veggie Herb Quiche by Mary Joseph

This is delicious the next day for breakfast served hot or cold. Also with this you can pretty much use any vegetables you have lying around in your fridge, not to mention any kind of cheese or herbs. Quiche is a perfect way to utilize odds and ends leftovers. This feeds about 6 people each if you're serving it with other things or…

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Breakfast Burrito's

Breakfast Burrito's by BearNakedBaker

Best served with salsa, guacamole and or sour cream

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