Taco Casserole

Taco Casserole by 1st Place Recipes

A Delicious Heart Healthy Taco Casserole Recipe That Family And Friends Will Love. Source:

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Heart Healthy Chicken Salad

Heart Healthy Chicken Salad by RecipeKing

Heart Healthy Chicken Salad is a low calories, low fat, low sodium, low carbohydrates, low cholesterol, heart-healthy, vitamin-rich, Weight Watchers (4) PointsPlus recipe. It is also an easy, quick 15 minute recipe for a lunch or light dinner. Stuffed tomatoes; using canned chicken breast, tomatoes, celery and onion on shredded…

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Chicken Chilindron

Chicken Chilindron by Pam Lynn

I was reading a biography of Fransisco de Goya Spain's most important Artist of the late 18th and Early 19th Century - in which the artist describes how his mother used to cook his favorite dish: Chicken Chilindron or Pollo al Chilindron (the Chilindron being the heavy pan used to cook it). This is an updated version of the authentic…

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Healthy, Low Carb, Baked Chicken Salad for Two

Healthy, Low Carb, Baked Chicken Salad for Two by Linda Gee

Low Carb, Reduced Fat. Can prepare ahead, but add pretzels just before baking. Heats up quickly.

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Zesty Feta Chicken Tenders

Zesty Feta Chicken Tenders by Merce Escobar

These are chicken tenders, but not for eight year olds. I am a big kid at heart and although I truly enjoy this restaurant standby, at home I like to explore the simple, yet delicious concept and also make it a healthful choice. I hope you will too... Change it up, make them Jamaican style with Ocho Rios Jerk seasoning and melted…

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Chicken Inasal (Grilled Chicken)

Chicken Inasal (Grilled Chicken) by ShaleeDP

In this grilled chicken recipe, you have the option to use skewers or not.

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