Sonoma Chicken Salad

Sonoma Chicken Salad by Bob Vincent

This recipe is adapted from one that appeared in The Whole Foods Market Cookbook published in 2002. It was sold in their Deli section of prepared foods. I don't know if they still offer it or not. I do minimal shopping at their stores and limit my purchases to specific items I can't get elsewhere at much cheaper prices. I made…

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Old Country Pickled Chicken Roll

Old Country Pickled Chicken Roll by Smokinhotchef

This recipe is a slight adaptation from a recipe I saw in Saveur magazine issue number 137. I immediately fell in love with the rustic hand on approach to procuring a deli meat of sorts by self asembly and a little 'elbow grease'. I deviated from the recipe by simmering the chicken roll in a tumeric and onion combination with a hint…

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Chicken Ballotine

Chicken Ballotine by Veronica's Kitchen

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Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie by Mack Scarborough

White wine creamed chicken and puff pastry. I prefer a lower level of sodium than most so you may need to add salt & pepper to your own taste.

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Chicken Taco Feast

Chicken Taco Feast by Dave Davis

Mexican food is a favorite at any time around our home. Here is one that I tried a few years back and it still is hanging on and for good reason. I also have included my favorite simple salsa recipe. Enjoy. Chef Dave

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Chicken and Baby Spinach Soup w/Fennel Pollen

Chicken and Baby Spinach Soup w/Fennel Pollen by Smokinhotchef

Simplicity at its best. This recipe showcases the amazing and refreshing fragrance and flavor of fennel pollen. Reminiscent of star anise and black licorice, this soup is definitely for the body and soul.

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