Cheese coins

Cheese coins by Nollian

Very tasty and pristavuchie cookies. Great idea for a buffet table. Spread cream cheese cookies or paste.

3 votes
Herbed Dip

Herbed Dip by Micheline

This is my favourite low calorie, fat free, savoury, all purpose dip. You can use it on baked potatoes or as a chip dip or as a dip for fresh vegetables.

2 votes
Parmesan Pecan Rolls

Parmesan Pecan Rolls by Rhodes Bake-N-Serv

These delicious rolls will fly off the plate as soon as they come out of the oven.

1 vote
Crispy Banana Cheese Toast

Crispy Banana Cheese Toast by MyWeekend Plan

The Crispy Banana Cheese Toast is amazingly easy to make and taste just as amazing! It’s crispy outer skin, with bursting cheesy goodness inside is so satisfying.

1 vote
Cheddar Cheese Tartlets

Cheddar Cheese Tartlets by Chef Michael H Fitzpatrick

After i came out of Culinary Arts College all those years ago we threw a party and i made this simple but tasty App. They went so fast that i just had to keep them on my recipe list. Since then any party we throw the guests request them. This rich and flavourful Hors D'oeuvre can be made days ahead and frozen but do taste better…

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