Tri-tip marinade

Tri-tip marinade by Aspen Lee-Moulden

This is a great dry rub for tri tip. I just made it for a recent party and the tri tip vanished.

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Asian Beef Salad

Asian Beef Salad by david spottiswood

This is a spicy, hearty salad tastes great in hot or cold weather. It can be an appetizer, Tapas, or served alone as a light meal. We had it paired with Curried Mussels last night. It has only 195 calories per serving. Feel free to substitute Calamari, Octopus, Shrimp, Chicken or Tofu if you don't eat red meat.

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Tender Juicy Beef and Broccoli

Tender Juicy Beef and Broccoli by Strohxda97

Find the sweet and meaty taste in this appetizing dish especially served with rice or mushed potatoes. Enjoy the savory beef made tender and juicy together with the crispiness of healthy broccoli. This dish is rich in protein and calcium which is ideal for people who want to build muscles and grow taller. Each 85g of broccoli can have…

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Texas ~Italian Meat Sauce

Texas ~Italian Meat Sauce by Redneck Mike

I have been making this since 1988 I like it better than store bought sauces.

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Beef Marinade

Beef Marinade by Patrick Travis

I love to grill during the summer and one of my favorite meats to grill is a tri-tip roast. At first the ingredients didn't sound very good but I gave it a try anyway. Was I wrong! This is one of the best marinades I have used. I have also used this with country style pork ribs and it was excellent with them also.

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Sauteed Lemon Liver

Sauteed Lemon Liver by alice25

Liver fans, this goes for you all!!!

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