Bean and Bacon Soup

Bean and Bacon Soup by Jo

This is an excellent soup. I used lima beans because that is what I had on hand, but any white bean would work just as well. I also used my electric pressure cooker to cook it in. This appliance is one of my favorite cooking tools.

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Blackchickpea Snack (Konda Kadalai Sundal)

Blackchickpea Snack (Konda Kadalai Sundal) by Sensibleveg

Looking for a super healthy snack, low in carbohydrate, high in protein, gluten free, filling, inspite of all these good things still tastes great. Then this one is a must try for you. If you are of a South Indian (South East Asian - South Indian) then this sundal is a no big deal and you would have tasted it so many times. If not do…

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Silky Smooth Hummus with Edemame

Silky Smooth Hummus with Edemame by Karen Schuld

Tips for Making Silky Smooth Hummus: For extra flavor and nutrition, make your hummus with chickpeas that are soaked over night. Don’t just used the ingredient directly from a can. Here are some other tips for making a silky smooth hummus: 1. Cook your chickpeas in a pressure cooker for perfect flavor and consistency, You also…

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