Chocolate Caramel Cheese flan cake {aka ChocoFlan cake}

Chocolate Caramel Cheese flan cake {aka ChocoFlan cake} by Foodessa

Trading places. Baking magic transforms two separate desserts into one. Physics along with Chemistry makes this scrumptious cake flipping unique. The smooth caramel cheese flan complements the moistness of the chocolate cake foundation. Pecans add the texture needed for the crunch which harmonizes with the smoothness of every…

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Quick and Zesty Black Bean Chili!!!

Quick and Zesty Black Bean Chili!!! by Catherine Pappas

One of your favorite meals is just so easy!! With Love, Catherine xo

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Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie by Got Mixer

This is the recipe for the Brazilian Empadao, which is basically a Chicken Pie. You can serve this as a side dish, a main dish or a snack, you can actually make it smaller on a muffin baking sheet to serve it as a snack. You can use any filling you prefer, ground beef, turkey, veggies, use your imagination. For Pictures of…

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Simple Chimichurri Sauce

Simple Chimichurri Sauce by Madi Moreno de Arjona

I found out about this sauce when I ordered some steaks from Schwan's and fell in love with it. I have tried a lot of recipes but this has come close, and now thanks to a new restaurant in McAllen "SOLO EMPANADAS", now I can enjoy it when ever I want without having to make it. By the way this tastes great on pork, chicken, toasted…

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Upside down banana cake

Upside down banana cake by Got Mixer

This upside down banana cake is perfect for the afternoon coffee. Its so yummy nobody can resist. For this recipe and more delicious and easy recipes go to

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Carrot Bread

Carrot Bread by Got Mixer

This carrot bread is so delicious and easy to make for KitchenAid Mixer lovers!!!! For more recipes go to

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cowboy guasacaca

cowboy guasacaca by Chez la mere

This is a green sauce kept in a plastic squeeze bottle at the register of every food stand and corner eatery in venezuela. They use it like we use ketchup. You get your food, and squeeze some of this awesomeness into it no matter what it is.. There is avocado in it, but it plays a bit more of a minor role lime).

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Dulce de Leche - organic

Dulce de Leche - organic by Chez la mere

8 hr commitmet

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Shrimp Bobo ( shrimp in a yucca coconut sauce)

Shrimp Bobo ( shrimp in a yucca coconut sauce) by Chef Janaina - Big City Chefs

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Peruvian Cebiche..err...Caribbean Cebiche!

Peruvian Cebiche..err...Caribbean Cebiche! by Arturo Féliz-Camilo

For days I was tempted to prepare a Cebiche after seeing a video from one of my favorite Peruvian cooks. The truth is that I’m not too passionate for raw fish, but Zoyla’s recipe wouldn’t leave my mind. When finally I decided to do it, I had to adjust it, because many of the ingredients of the Peruvian Cebiche are not found in the…

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Chilean empanadas

Chilean empanadas by Arturo Féliz-Camilo

Some years ago I tried them and since then I've been a fan!

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Empanadas Chilenas

Empanadas Chilenas by Arturo Féliz-Camilo

Hace algunos años tuve la oportunidad de probar las empanadas chilenas y la verdad es que me quede prendado.

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cochin crimson

cochin crimson by sunil k.nayar

welcome drink or cocktail drink

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Doces de Nozes

Doces de Nozes by Dan Clarke

Docinhos (sweets) are a great informal and sociable way to end your Brazilian meal. This is also a really nice easy recipe! In Brazil, these sweet, truffle-like treats are often eaten at weddings, birthdays and other special occasions but I reckon that they suit every occasion.

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Arroz Con Pollo

Arroz Con Pollo by Dana Salvo

A very flavorful classic Latin dish. Chicken and Rice.

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