Grilled Salmon with Brazilian Garlic Marinade

Grilled Salmon with Brazilian Garlic Marinade by John Spottiswood

I adapted this recipe from one in Steven Raichlen's The BBQ Bible. It come originally from a famous seafood restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. I served it along with Tuscan grilled rib eye steaks for a UCLA-BYU game watching party. UCLA was a winner and so was this Salmon recipe! Enjoy!

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Pumpkin with Shrimp or Camarao na Moranga

Pumpkin with Shrimp or Camarao na Moranga by Michele Grason

This is a traditional Brazilian recipe and perfect for the fall!

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Chimichurri by Jeremy Cheng

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Brazil: Empadinhas de Camarao (Shrimp Empanadas)

Brazil: Empadinhas de Camarao (Shrimp Empanadas) by Danielle Pallaske

“Empadas (pies), Pasteis (turnovers) are among the famous Brazilian appetizers called salgadinhos (salty things). Empadas are made in different sizes, with the small ones being called empadinhas. These pastries are filled with a myriad of different ingredients, they are addictively delicious and freeze very well. Make ahead or make…

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Homemade Sofrito Seasoning

Homemade Sofrito Seasoning by myra byanka

This is a version of the seasoning used in much of Latin America. People often make a batch and freeze most of it in covered ice trays. Sofrito is added to things like soups, stews, sauces, rice, chicken dishes, etc. This version is made with ingredients readily available in groceries and Latin markets in America.

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Brigadeiros - Brazilian Chocolate truffles

Brigadeiros - Brazilian Chocolate truffles by Sofia Reino

This recipe is LOVED by kids. I no longer do it. My tween daughter is the one that takes care of this one. She not only loves making them as of course loves to eat them and same with her friends.

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cowboy guasacaca

cowboy guasacaca by Chez la mere

This is a green sauce kept in a plastic squeeze bottle at the register of every food stand and corner eatery in venezuela. They use it like we use ketchup. You get your food, and squeeze some of this awesomeness into it no matter what it is.. There is avocado in it, but it plays a bit more of a minor role lime).

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Sugar Cane Syrup

Sugar Cane Syrup by Evandro Caregnato

Used for the preparation of the Texas de Brazil Caipirinha

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Upside down banana cake

Upside down banana cake by Got Mixer

This upside down banana cake is perfect for the afternoon coffee. Its so yummy nobody can resist. For this recipe and more delicious and easy recipes go to

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Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri Sauce by Farrell May Podgorsek

This fresh sauce is wonderful on just about anything. The sharpness is a great counterpoint to rich beef. We also use it on chicken or vegetables. It is best when freshly made, but it can sit in the refrigerator for a few days. Be sure to bring it to cool room temperature before using. Be creative and substitute any non-bitter green…

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Tostada de Ceviche on Cinco de Mayo

Tostada de Ceviche on Cinco de Mayo by Edward Schenk

For many years I have had a love affair with eating raw (or preserved/cured) fish. The first experience I remember had to have been smoked salmon. I was introduced to it as a topping for my bagel. Of course cream cheese and red onion were the accompaniment. As my interest in food and cooking grew,first into a passion, later into a…

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Doces de Nozes

Doces de Nozes by Dan Clarke

Docinhos (sweets) are a great informal and sociable way to end your Brazilian meal. This is also a really nice easy recipe! In Brazil, these sweet, truffle-like treats are often eaten at weddings, birthdays and other special occasions but I reckon that they suit every occasion.

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Dulce de Leche - organic

Dulce de Leche - organic by Chez la mere

8 hr commitmet

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Brazilian Seafood Stew

Brazilian Seafood Stew by Darrell Hackett

By Chef D This is a very delicate dish so please do not over cook the seafood! ENJOY

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Seafood Stew

Seafood Stew by Evelyn Scott

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