Beer marinated pork chops

Beer marinated pork chops by Peter Brown

When selecting pork chops for this dish make sure they are evenly sliced so that they are all ready at the same time. The chops should also have a good circle of fat because this adds to the flavour. To extract the best flavour from the marinade it is best to soak the meat overnight in a covered dish in the refrigerator, otherwise…

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MALAY QUARTER (bo kaap)SOSATIES by Peter Brown

Found I AFRICA What makes this kebab dish quite different from the usual South African sosatie is the special Cape Malay-style sauce in which the meat is marinated prior to grilling it. If the meat is for frying you need to exercise caution because it can burn and go black and bitter quite quickly. The beauty of this marinade is…

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Traditional South African Lamb /MuttonSosaties

Traditional South African Lamb /MuttonSosaties by Peter Brown

This is the best Ive seen. Found it on FOOD .com by Zurie "Sosaties are not kebabs. They're lamb meat on skewers, but they marinate in a distinctive sauce with a traditional flavour. They are never made from beef, but from lamb or tender mutton. (Maybe it should be added that S A lamb, probably because of their grazing, is really…

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BACON BANGERS by Peter Brown

With World Cup Rugby matches being screened in the morning in a lot of countries, does that mean we should give up braaiing (barbeque)? The answer is a resounding, "no!" And quite rightly. Here's a compromise. Whilst watching the rugby this weekend, try these delectable savoury-sweet morsels that could pass as breakfast yummies...

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BBQ Chicken the best in Africa

BBQ Chicken the best in Africa by Peter Brown

BREEDE RIVER BRAAIED(BBQ) CHICKEN Otter Creek is famous for its chicken braai(BBQ), perfected over 35 years of fishing trips,Honours must go to Rupert Bellairs for this one The secret to this braai (BBQ) is the cooking method. All the ingredients you will need are chicken pieces as much as you want to eat, we do 4 portions per…

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BBQ Stuffed Pimento

BBQ Stuffed Pimento by Peter Brown

A great accompaniment to a BBQ, something different as a side dish

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