Boontjie Sop (Bean Soup)

Boontjie Sop (Bean Soup) by Peter Brown

We call this STEWP as it should be nice and thick so your spoon can stand up in it . Wonderful on a cold night. It is a traditional South African soup from our Dutch heritage

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PERI/PERI OIL by Peter Brown

In South Africa we tend to use a lot of Peri/Peri oil, I believe it originates from the old African Portuguese Colonies of Mozambique and Angola. It is simple to make and always handy to have in your food cupboard

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Fried Rice Bowl from Madagascar

Fried Rice Bowl from Madagascar by Rachael Johnson

Everyone loves fried rice, and its very popular in Madagascar.

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Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake by Nina Timm

Making a proper Chocolate Mousse Cake requires skill, patience and lots of time, right? Wrong!!! Let me explain! To make a proper Chocolate Mousse cake you need to make all the different components such as the cake layers, the cocoa cream, the mousse filling and then last but not least the chocolate ganache. Phew, I am tired just…

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Beer marinated pork chops

Beer marinated pork chops by Peter Brown

When selecting pork chops for this dish make sure they are evenly sliced so that they are all ready at the same time. The chops should also have a good circle of fat because this adds to the flavour. To extract the best flavour from the marinade it is best to soak the meat overnight in a covered dish in the refrigerator, otherwise…

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Koeksisters by Grant Loney

Koeksisters are basically a South African syrup-coated twisted doughnut (sounds good already!) They originally come from the Cape Malay people in South Africa where their koeksister recipe has a texture a little like cake, is spicy and is often coated in dried coconut. The Afrikaners have a slightly different koeksuster recipe that is…

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Seared mushroom bruschetta

Seared mushroom bruschetta by Peter Brown

I adapted this from a recipes I found on the internet This mushroom dish is really easy to prepare and it is perfect as a starter or even as a light lunch with salad.

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Traditional Cape (South African) fish cake

Traditional Cape (South African) fish cake by Peter Brown

Fish cakes are very much a Cape food and most white fish is suitable for fish cakes although I remember my mother insisted on fresh hake which she minced/flaked herself or otherwise she would use freshly caught mackeral, .. I like to mix 50/50 a white fish with a oily or game fish

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Capt Pete`s PICKLED ONIONS by Peter Brown

In pursuit of the perfect pickle I love all forms of pickles and preserves. Its a hobby of mine so I like to think my piclke products are good. I do concede everyone has their own tastes so variations to the PERFECT PICKLE are allowed

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Schnecken by Doris Samson

The only way I can describe this cake is that it is like Chelsea Buns joined together.

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Cheese And Biltong (Jerky)Frittata

Cheese And Biltong (Jerky)Frittata by Peter Brown

This is basically a South African version of a Spanish Omelette. Excellent for a Brunch together with sausage and bacon. Found recipe in a Ideas mag,

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Crispy Pork Belly

Crispy Pork Belly by Peter Brown

A wonderful roast, full of flavour,great the next day as cold meat More good ideas: Serve pork with plum sauce or top thick slices of fresh bread with sliced pork and apple chutney. I found this recipe in one of our Supermarket pamphlets,trid it and its great

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Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad by Peter Brown

Over the festive season I got bored with the regulatory food so searched the fridge and cupboards for some change,all I found was a tin of Tuna in brine so concocted a salad with what was available. It turned out good .All I accompanied it with was a fresh roll and butter

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Zesty Lemon and Asparagus Pasta

Zesty Lemon and Asparagus Pasta by Leaine's Kitchen

I love asparagus because it is so versatile and very good for you - packed full of vitamins and minerals! I enjoy asparagus best when cooked in its simplicity; in a little water until the colour pops and it is still crunchy.

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Dumpling and Lamb Stew

Dumpling and Lamb Stew by Peter Brown

I found this recipe from Thuli of MGANSI STYLE CUSINE and have passed it on as it was presented : Peter "Whether it’s prepared in winter or summer this dish is a guaranteed winner and your guests will give you the complimentary ‘oooh’s and ‘aaah’s around the dinner table. I grew up in an environment whereby if there’s been a…

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