Microwave chocolate cake

Microwave chocolate cake by nazevedo

This is very, very easy and very fast. It can be eaten still warm, with the melting chocolate… together with ice cream… uhnnn… delicious!....

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Tuna patties (Portuguese “pataniscas”)

Tuna patties (Portuguese “pataniscas”) by nazevedo

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Portuguese sweet rice

Portuguese sweet rice by nazevedo

Easter is coming and this is one of the most traditional Portuguese desserts and all over the country you will find it. There are different local ways to make it. This is our family recipe. It’s absolutely delicious!

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Portuguese Sopas

Portuguese Sopas by Megan Pires

A Portuguese soup that ladeled over a thick slice of French Bread and sprinkled with fresh mint. Tomato based, it's flavored with the warm spices of cinnamon, cloves, and allspice.

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Bolo de bolacha maria - Maria cookies cake

Bolo de bolacha maria - Maria cookies cake by Sofia Reino

This is a traditional Portuguese Cake that is very easy to make. Nowadays you can find Maria cookies in just about every supermarket, but if you have trouble, go to your local Hispanic or Asian market and you will for sure find it!

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Seafood Rice or arroz de Marisco

Seafood Rice or arroz de Marisco by ruth martins

Delicious soupy rice full of seafood!

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Baked fish fillets

Baked fish fillets by nazevedo

This is a very good way to eat fish on a portuguese stily. Easy to make and it can be prepared in advance.

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Portuguese Grilled Sardines

Portuguese Grilled Sardines by ruth martins

It's barbecue time! It's barbecue time! Most people go for the traditional sausages, hamburgers, chicken thighs and legs. And if you're lucky, salmon! To me, real barbecues mean the smell of fresh fish and good quality meats. Ultimately, I starting missing Portuguese Sardines. They are the most traditional, most delicious…

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Flame Grilled Mozambiquen Peri Peri Chicken

Flame Grilled Mozambiquen Peri Peri Chicken by Peter Brown

The best Portuguese style flame grilled chicken perfected in Mozambique on many fishing trips. It is a lot of hard work but fun and well worth the effort . Once tried it will become a firm favourite as a BBQ (BRAAI) The secret is in the way it is cooked. Its thirsty work so have plenty of beer on hand for the chef

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Chorizo Bread Rolls

Chorizo Bread Rolls by ruth martins

I didnt make a large loaf this time. Instead I made small ciabatta shaped litlle loaves and rolls filled with juicy chorizo.

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Portuguese Roast Chicken Piri Piri

Portuguese Roast Chicken Piri Piri by ruth martins

In Portugal you see chicken being roasted on a electric spin roast constantly. They are marinated for hours previously and the spicy flavours sip into the flesh during the cooking process. Piri Piri is the spice of preference. This Spice gives the chicken an Amazing flavour!

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Pão de Ló - Portuguese Sponge Cake

Pão de Ló - Portuguese Sponge Cake by Sofia Reino

I have always loved this recipe, especially when one is able to cook in in such a way that the middle part is still wet. I have always been afraid of making this recipe as I am not the best at baking. But amazingly enough it came out perfect and I am very proud of myself.

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Frango à Brás - Chicken with potato sticks

Frango à Brás - Chicken with potato sticks by Sofia Reino

This is a typical Portuguese recipe inspired by another (Bacalhau à Brás) I grew up with. Our family does not care much for chicken breast. We all go for the dark meat. So this is the perfect recipe to finish up that white meat no-one will eat. Another benefit is that the chicken breast of just on chicken will feed 4 to 5 people!

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Chicken livers peri-peri

Chicken livers peri-peri by Grant Loney

In 1497 explorer Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope and sailed north to the Indian Ocean where his fleet made port in Mozambique. Thus began over 500 years of social, economic and culinary interaction between the people of Portugal and those of southern Africa. This shared history has resulted in the development of an…

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Portuguese Fish and Chips-Bacalhau a Bras

Portuguese Fish and Chips-Bacalhau a Bras by ruth martins

Its yummy, its addictive and truly amazing! If you can get your hands on some salted cod, please, please try this. And if you can't, try it anyway with fresh cod, just add more salt. I know I will! Getting cravings already lol!

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